Wedding guest's 'pathetic' vegan meal slammed: 'Disrespectful'

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A vegan meal option provided to wedding guests has been slammed as 'pathetic' and 'disrespectful' after a photo of the meagre dish went viral online.

The startling snap, which was first shared on Twitter and later in a 'wedding shaming' Reddit thread, shows a handful of rocket leaves and three small slices of melon drizzled with what looks to be balsamic dressing.

A photo of a plate of lettuce and sliced melon with the caption
A photo of a vegan meal option at a wedding has gone viral. Photo: Reddit.

'So rude'

"Vegan option at a wedding," the original poster tweeted along with an eye-roll emoji for good measure.

The size and substance of the meal — which has barely any protein or carbs — has sparked more than a little controversy among Reddit users.

Looking at the comments section, it seems as though most are united in their opinion of the dish but not when it comes to who exactly is responsible for the food faux pas.

The caption on Reddit appears to point the finger at the bride and groom, stating, "Please be considerate about peoples' choices at your wedding."

Other users agreed that it was poor form on the part of the newlyweds, with one writing, "This is literally so rude to your guest. I’d be so pissed."


Tables set for an event party or wedding reception. luxury elegant table setting dinner in a restaurant. glasses and dishes. Photo: Getty Images.
Others shared their wedding catering success stories. Photo: Getty Images.

"This is straight-up disrespectful," added another.

"I don't know, this looks more like an insult rather than a meal," declared a third.

Some people, including a chef, piped up to point out that it's not really the married couple's fault but rather the wedding caterer's.

"As a chef - that’s not the couple, that’s a poorly run kitchen. No self-respecting chef would serve this," they wrote.

"This is like 40 calories of food," observed another Reddit user. "How hard would it have been to add more of that greenery and (what I assume to be) raspberry sauce to a bowl and add some pecans?"

"As a die-hard carnivore, even I know how much vegan food has improved in the past few decades. This is just pathetic," wrote a third.

Others shared their vegan/vegetarian meal success stories, with one former bride or groom revealing they went the extra mile and hired a second caterer for their 'veg and vegan friends'.

"I ordered food from a separate caterer for my veg and vegan friends. I wanted them to enjoy their food as much as I enjoyed mine," they wrote.

Another Reddit user shared their 'perfect solution' for catering to all guests' dietary needs: "My wife is vegetarian and so is most of her family. On top of that we had a bunch of gluten-free and vegan friends. Our perfect solution: make your own taco bar."

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