Woman sorts out pantry chaos using two simple products: 'So pretty'

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Jessica Dowle is pictured with long blonde hair in a pink top inset into kitchen and pantry scenes with dry goods organised in canisters and bags.
Instagram mom-blogger Jessica Dowle is known for her cleaning and organising hacks. Photo: Instagram

If you’re like us, you’re obsessed with all of those tidying and organising shows: Get Organised, Tidying up with Marie Kondo, The Minimalists, etc.

Or, perhaps you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, drooling over all the carefully categorised pantries and wondering why yours never looks the same?

Thanks to the Instagram influencer @Cleanorganisedmumma, you’re about to get the pantry you’ve always dreamed of.

Instagram mom-blogger Jessica Dowle is well-known on the app for her cleaning and organising hacks and relatable posts about the realities of being a busy mum.

The helpful hints have earned Jess 29,000 followers and hundreds of likes on everything she posts.

We’ve commented before on Jess’s fantastic approach and tips for organising her household.


Jess showed us exactly how she organises her pantry in her latest post, suggesting you start with a clean, empty space.

She then uses the Temple and Webster 4 Piece Ecology Pantry Square Glass Canister with Bamboo Lid Set to store essentials like pasta, rice and sugar.

Screenshots from @cleanorganisedmumma's pantry organising video on Instagram showing hands pouring dry goods into jars and showing off labes such as brown sugar.

She recommends writing the expiry date on a discreet sticker at the back and use a label marker to clearly label each container.

Jess uses the Temple and Webster White Yamazaki Metal & Wood Storage Basket to store bulkier items such as cans, condiments and sauces.

“Our pantry is now functional while also maintaining some style with the bamboo and white combo,” she posted.

Screenshots from @cleanorganisedmumma's pantry organising video on Instagram showing shelving and transparent canisters organised by size and baskets of vegemite and other spreads.

Commentators were overwhelmingly positive.

“So pretty," one said.

“Love the glow up! Containers look like they’re super good quality,” wrote another.

“They say change is as good as a holiday,” enthused a third.

Temple & Webster organising picks

We’ve rounded up some of the best kitchen organisation #househack worthy items from lush furniture megastore, Temple & Webster.

4 Piece Ecology Pantry Square Glass Canister with Bamboo Lid Set, $54.95

These containers are perfect for any sort of household organisation.

The set has a 2L canister, a 1.5L canister, a 1.1L canister and an 800ml canister.

The different heights mean you don’t have to bother with a tiered stand.

They’re stackable and have an airtight close.

4 Piece Ecology Pantry Square Glass Canister with Bamboo Lid Set from Temple & Webster containing beans and barley and bay leaves.

White Yamazaki Metal & Wood Storage Basket, $44.95

The other product shown in Jess’s video is this Japanese-style metal basket.

The handle on one side makes it both easy to store and easy to grab.

The sleek white and pine colour combo will look fantastic in your pantry.

White Yamazaki Metal & Wood Storage Basket from Temple & Webster pictured on a shelf with pasta.

17 Piece Romano Spice Jar & Rack Set, $69.95

This bamboo spice rack can store up to 16 of your favourite spices.

The innovative overlapping design and lazy Susan base means it takes up minimal precious real estate while still being easy to use.

Perfect for freeing up pantry space or even as a trendy conversation piece on your bench.

17 Piece Romano Spice Jar & Rack Set from Temple & Webster. The circular rack has a wooden base and top and the jars are kept in vertical metal racks, in four rows of four.

4 Tier Kitchen Storage Trolley Cart, $119

Sometimes you move into a house where the kitchen simply does not have enough storage.

Whether you’re in an apartment building or the kitchen is just tiny, you are in dire need of an extra cupboard or two.

This portable cart is your answer!

The wheels unlock to quickly move it out of the way when needed.

It’s got three roomy baskets and a top shelf for storage or a decorative piece.

The baskets collapse and have a bottom plastic sheet for tall items.

Slim, tall black kitchen cart on wheels with four shelves and three baskets.

White Adjustable Drawer Organisers, $22.95

Sometimes you don’t need a new fancy gadget, bucket or container.

You just need something to work with what you’ve got.

These simple drawer organisers come in a pack of two and add structure to a cluttered kitchen drawer.

They’re extendable and adjustable to any size drawer.

They are easy to move around, so you can continue using them even as you reorganise again and again.

White Adjustable Drawer Organisers from Temple & Webster. Hands are holding one divider.

2 Level Tower Dish Drainer Rack, $129

If you don’t have a dishwasher, you may be sick to death of wet dishes taking up your bench.

This two-tier tower dish rack gives you a space-saving solution.

The slimline design can hold a surprising amount of dishes.

The corrugated bottom is designed for excess water to drop off any dishes and flow right back into the sink, saving you mess.

2 Level Tower Dish Drainer Rack fromTemple & Webster in white sits on a kitchen bench against pink tiles with gold cutlery and pink crockery.

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