Shopper furious over discovery in M&M's ice cream: 'I feel tricked'

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A shopper has been left fuming after a frustrating find in her M&M's, Cookie Sandwiches.

The sweet treats, which are made with vanilla ice cream, sugar cookies and M&M’s Minis, are a crowd pleaser at almost any party, mainly due to the combination of milk chocolate sweets and delicious creamy ice cream.

M&M's Ice Cream cookie
A woman was left furious over her M&M's Ice Cream. Photo: Reddit

However, the customer was peeved when they opened up one of the cookies to discover it only contained two mini M&M’s on the top of the cookie, unlike the 10 or so that’s pictured on the front of the box.

“I feel tricked, possibly even bamboozled,” the person wrote on Reddit, alongside a photo of the sweet treat.


The responses were hilarious, with people saying they were “downright hoodwinked”.

“That there's a male M (red) and a female M (green). You gotta give them time to procreate and have their spawn. The ice cream sandwich isn't ready yet. Put it back and throw on some love making music,” one person wrote.

“Is this where Chef walks in and sings us a little song about the birds and the bees?” another said.

However, others were more skeptical of the photo, with one asking if the M&M’s were actually on the other side of the cookie and another saying: “I mean, there are two of them… so they did technically give you m&ms….”

“There's a bunch in there. You can see the bumps. They just aren't on top,” another wrote.

It's not the first time a food item has caused a frenzy online. Last week, shoppers were left divided over Aldi in the UK selling ostrich steaks.

Ostrich steaks in Aldi
Ostrich steaks in Aldi caused a debate online last week. Photo: Facebook

While the steaks may not be available here yet, news of the food's existence over in the UK has started a debate amongst some Aussies, after a photo of the packet was posted to a popular Aldi Facebook group.

Aussies were unsure whether they’d be game enough to give the meat a go.

“How cool would this be for Australia to get,” the person who originally posted the picture online wrote.

Many people were quick to reply saying they wouldn’t even think about it, with one person simply writing: “I’ll pass”.

However, others said they’d be up for trying it out.” I’d love to try that. Kangaroo is such a lean healthy meat, I bet it’s similar. I’ve had emu before but I found it tasted very metallic. I would definitely give this a go,” one person said.

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