Aldi Australia fans divided over Ostrich Fillet Steaks: 'I'll pass'

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Aldi Australia shoppers have been left divided over the UK chain of the popular retailer selling ostrich steaks.

While the steaks may not be available here yet, news of the food's existence over in the UK has started a debate amongst some Aussies now, after a photo of the packet was posted to a popular Aldi Facebook group.

Aldi sign
Aldi fans have been left divided over ostrich fillet steaks in the UK store. Photo: AAP

The Lions Kingdom ostrich fillets, which are from South Africa but are available in the UK for £3.99, come in a packet of two and are already pre-grilled.


Each serving contains 32g of protein and according to the company’s website, “all ostriches from Klein Karoo International are bred using good animal welfare protocol, which contributes to a product of the highest quality.”

However, Aussies were unsure whether they’d be game enough to give the meat a go.

Ostrich Fillet Steaks in Aldi
The Ostrich Fiillet Steaks are available in the UK for £3.99. Photo: Facebook

“How cool would this be for Australia to get,” the person who originally posted the picture online wrote.

Many people were quick to reply saying they wouldn’t even think about it, with one person simply writing: “I’ll pass”.

However, others said they’d be up for trying it out.” I’d love to try that. Kangaroo is such a lean healthy meat, I bet it’s similar. I’ve had emu before but I found it tasted very metallic. I would definitely give this a go,” one person said.

"Emu is absolutely amazing. If any of you get an opportunity to try it, do it. It's like beef, same colour and all. Delicious," a fan of the meat said.

Another person simply said: "I don’t know why we need to eat it at all."

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