Aldi shopper's hilarious rude find in chicken nuggets: 'That's gold'

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Aldi shoppers have been left chuckling after one woman’s hilarious rude find in a pack of chicken nuggets.

Puns were flying on a Facebook page dedicated to the German retailer, as the woman asked: “Ummm Aldi….please explain”.

Aldi sign
An Aldi shopper has spotted a hilarious detail on a packet of chicken nuggets. Photo: Getty Images

The photos showed a box of T-Rex Bites chicken nuggets from the store, with two of the T-Rex dinosaurs appearing in a very compromising manner beside it.

In a bit of light-hearted fun, the Facebook group exploded with comments from people who found the woman’s find quite amusing.


“You know your love life is bad when you find yourself wishing you were a t-rex in a box,” one woman joked.

T-Rex Bites from Aldi
This is the hilarious photo. Photo: Facebook

“Ah that’s how they make them,” another joked, with a third person saying: “WINNER!- You bought the box where dinos produce infinite offspring so you’ll never run out. not sure it’s g-rated though”.

Others said: “That’s gold”, while another person simply called it “Dinosaur yoga”.

In a statement released to Yahoo Lifestyle, Aldi responded in the best way to the rude snap. 

"We'd like to apologise for this isolated indiscretion from one of our family favourites. We ask you to give our T-Rex Bites privacy at this time."

It’s not the first time an Aldi purchase has caused a flurry of excitement online due to its seemingly rude nature.

Last year, an an eyebrow-raising Aldi Special Buy left the internet gobsmacked after it appeared to sport a very naughty name.

Aldi blow job stool
Last year, this 'blow job stool' from Aldi made the rounds online. However, it was soon called out as being PhotoShopped. Photo: Facebook

A snap of a foot stool for sale in an Aldi Special Buy aisle went viral after onlookers spotted its very unusual name – the ‘blow job stool’.

However a short time later, in disappointing news for thousands clamouring to get their hands on their very own stools, Aldi said there was no such item stocked in any of its international stores and said the image has been photoshopped.

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