Bizarre photo of wedding cake stuns onlookers: 'Travesty'

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A photo of a beautifully decorated four-tier wedding cake has gone viral on social media, after people noticed a rather bizarre detail in the image.

The white cake appeared to be in pristine condition, and yet the image shared to a Facebook group showed the dessert sitting on top of a rubbish bin on a London street.

viral photo of wedding cake on london rubbish bin
This photo of a wedding cake had people scratching their heads. Photo: Facebook

The unusual location to leave an untouched wedding cake left plenty of people scratching their heads, wondering what the reason was behind the discarding of the cake.

"Tell me a story without using words," one person wrote in the comments, suggesting the wedding had been called off last minute.


"Mmm, tastes like tears and betrayal," another agreed.

"The longer I look at this the funnier it gets. Just imagine what must’ve happened for the cake to end up there," was a third comment.

Wedding ceremony wooden arrow location sign with lake reflection background
Some suggested the wedding appeared to have been called off last minute. Photo: Getty

Others slammed the person responsible saying it seemed a perfectly good wedding cake was going to waste.

"As a cake decorator I’m just annoyed that someone had to get four tiers of cake smooth just for it to not to be eaten and thrown in the trash," one person wrote.

"Just because the wedding is off doesn’t mean you can’t eat the cake!!! OMG what a travesty!" was a similar response.

While another wrote: "I’d probably still have eaten the cake even if my wedding was called off."

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