Wedding photographer's horrifying discovery on bride's big day: 'Did you find it?'

Social media users were shocked by the diamond's unsafe setting.

A wedding photographer recently shared a chilling moment on TikTok when she discovered that a bride's precious diamond had gone missing from her engagement ring. While reviewing the wedding stills during the reception, photographer Laura Palacios noticed the unfortunate incident unfold right before her eyes.

On closer examination of the images, it became evident that the diamond from the bride's engagement ring had slipped off the band at some point during the evening's festivities. Laura wasted no time sharing the mishap on TikTok, and her post quickly went viral, amassing a staggering 14 million views, 653,800 likes, and nearly 700 comments.

wedding photos showing bride and groom celebrating with cake, and a close up of a ring missing a diamond
As photographer Laura Palacios was scrolling back through the wedding photos, she noticed the bride's diamond was missing from the band. Photo: TikTok/@laurapalaciosphoto

In her TikTok video, Laura wrote: "Scrolling back through the camera still at the wedding," and shared a sequence of shots displaying the bride's ring with the diamond still in place, followed by a photo revealing the empty centre of the gold band. Alongside the image, she captioned, "The giant diamond is gone."

TikTok users flooded the comment section, with many expressing utter shock and horror at the unfolding events.


Some astutely observed that the ring lacked prongs, the metal components that secure the centre stone. "That's the most unsafe setting!" exclaimed one user, while another asked if it had been "hot glued in." Many others recounted their own diamond ring mishaps, sharing stories of rings flying off hands and even being run over by cars.

Nevertheless, the prevailing question on everyone's mind was, "DID YOU FIND IT?"

In a subsequent video, which also gained viral traction with over 847,000 views, Laura provided an update on what transpired after the diamond's disappearance.

In fact, Laura's quick thinking proved crucial in the diamond's recovery. By reviewing her snapshots, she deduced the approximate time the diamond went missing by tracing its presence in the photographs, ultimately determining that it had likely slipped out on the dance floor.

As the video unfolded, an employee from the couple's wedding venue in Florida, was seen triumphantly picking up the diamond from the floor, amidst cheers and applause from the surrounding crowd.

An employee at the couple’s wedding venue, Wine + Garden in, Florida, miraculously found the diamond wedged between decking boards. Photo: TikTok/@laurapalaciosphoto
An employee at the couple’s wedding venue, Wine + Garden in Florida, miraculously found the diamond wedged between decking boards on the dance floor. Photo: TikTok/@laurapalaciosphoto

The camera followed the employee as he approached the bride, who happened to be swimming in the pool wearing her wedding dress. Stepping out of the water, she embraced him with a kiss, clutching her ring and expressing a palpable sense of relief.

Addressing the camera, she casually remarked, "My diamond fell out of my ring."


Laura captioned her follow-up post with praise for the couple in question: "The most iconic cool and collected bride & groom ever. And shout out to @winegardennbv (the venue) employee who found it wedged between the slats of the dance floor."

TikTok users joined in the celebration with the bride, expressing their delight in the comments section that the precious gem had been retrieved. However, many users also offered some sage advice to the bride, suggesting that she have the setting fixed.

One commenter playfully quipped,:"I definitely wouldn't go back to that jewellery store again.😂"

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