Wedding guest divides with see-through dress: 'Shocks me'

The guest broke an unspoken rule.

A wedding guest has divided on social media after a snap of her attire went viral. The woman appeared to have broken multiple unspoken rules, including choosing a white dress to attend the nuptials in.

Her dress was made out of sheer fabric, showing off her white bodysuit underneath. The gothic-styled dress had a large rosette on the right shoulder, with strips of wavy white fabric hanging from her upper thigh in an asymmetrical hem.

L: A bride and groom at their wedding
Most wedding guests know to avoid wearing white to the festivities. Photo: Getty

Another guest took a snap of the woman’s outfit during the reception and shared it on a popular wedding shaming group.

“That was not the bride…and yes, that seems to be a bodysuit under the gauze fabric. It was pretty. The lady was gorgeous and edgy. But that’s not what you wear to a friend’s wedding, IMO,” she wrote in the caption.

She added that she noticed the guest’s outfit by chance, as she was taking snaps of her daughter when the see-through dress caught her eye.


The dress appeared to be similar to one found on the fast fashion website AliExpress, retailing for $12.63 AUD. It is described as having a casual style and is intended to be worn to festivals and parties.

Some people couldn’t believe the guest had decided on such an outfit, with many sharing their opinions in the comments.

“I don’t think this is appropriate even in another colour. Everyone else seems to have taken consideration on what to wear and nobody else seems to be in a see-through mesh swimsuit coverup passed off as a dress. Lazy,” one person fired out.

“She was definitely trying to look trendy by partaking in micro trends (the sheer dress, the cut of the dress, and the bodysuit) and it backfired badly,” another added.

Photo: AliExpress
Photo: AliExpress

However, some people defended her choice and said they liked the outfit.

“It’s really cute, but she should’ve worn a different colour and different shoes,” one pointed out.

“I think it’s pretty in the right situation, but wedding guest isn’t it,” another agreed.


Others were horrified by her choice to wear not only a revealing outfit but the colour white, which is usually reserved for the bride.

“What is it with the number of young people who think it’s acceptable to wear a long white dress to a wedding?” a group member asked.

“Y’all are getting too comfortable wearing white to weddings it shocks me without fail every time. Who raised these people?” another commented.

“Who, in their right mind, thinks: ‘As a wedding guest, I’ll wear something white AND see-through. Yeah’,” a third pointed out.

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