Bride roasted over strange wedding cake disaster: 'That's just mean'

The couple served a 'hot dog wedding cake' at their reception.

A newlywed couple has been shamed for their budget wedding cake made completely out of hot dogs. The bride shared a picture of the strange ‘cake’ on a Facebook group, saying she wasn’t happy with the red blinds in the background.

She asked if somebody would be able to swap the blinds out for something more aesthetically appealing. “We had limited funds for our nuptials, my now husband did the wedding cake. Could one of you change the blinds out please,” she wrote.

A groom cuts a wedding cake while a bride laughs
A bride and groom have been savaged online after sharing a photo of their wedding cake. Photo: Getty

The cake consisted of multiple boiled sausages in a hot dog bun stacked in six layers, topped with a traditional bride and groom figurine. It wasn’t long before the photo was shared in a popular wedding-shaming Facebook group.

“I just don’t know how one's head immediately jumps to ‘hot dog cake’ before the MULTIPLE other options they could have gone with before this,” the group member wrote.


An overwhelming majority of people agreed, with many baffled by the couple’s choice to go with hot dogs over a supermarket cake or box mix.

“You can literally buy a cake at the grocery store for $5,” one person said.

wedding cake made out of hot dogs
The wedding cake was made by stacking multiple hot dogs together. Photo: Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming

“Look, I get limited income, but instead of buying the topper, they could have made sheet cake at home with grocery store ingredients,” another pointed out.

“Cake mixes are still cheaper than hot dogs though. You can get a cake mix at the dollar store and make cupcakes with it with a single can of soda,” a third added.

“They’d be cold by the time it’s served! Nothing against a cold hot dog as a late-night snack or next morning hangover brunch, but a wedding cake? Nahhh!” another exclaimed.


However, there were some people who were open to the idea of a hot dog wedding cake, as long as it was executed properly.

“I’m not entirely opposed to a hot dog cake. But if you’re going to, you have to grill or fry the hot dogs. Serving guests a tower of boiled hot dogs is just mean,” a group member commented.

“Bunnings wedding! Aussies will understand,” another added, referring to the classic Bunnings sausage sizzles.

“This is so bad and I just can’t hate it because…it’s also hilarious and not the most uncreative thing I’ve seen here. But it is undoubtedly…not very classy,” a third remarked.

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