Wedding photographer savaged for 'ruining' intimate moment: 'Livid'

A wedding photographer has copped fierce backlash after interrupting the moment the couple went to have their first kiss after being pronounced husband and wife.

TikToker @jennnayennay1 posted a video of the moment the celebrant gave the groom the signal to kiss the bride.

The happy couple smile and gaze at each other as they hold their hands out to one another for the special moment, before the photographer rudely interrupts to tell them he's not ready.

"Nope, too early," a person can be heard saying.

"Gotta wait until I am centred with the thing," the photographer then says, seemingly referring to his camera.

A couple is interrupted by a wedding photographer during their first kiss.
The couple was visibly annoyed by the interruption. Source: TikTok

In the video captioned, "Imagine having to stop your first kiss for your photographer", the bride and groom are visibly irritated as they look around with a puzzled expression.

People were shocked by the wedding photographer's act, and dubbed the behaviour "unprofessional".

"Omg her face… Just like they ruined the moment or something," one said.

“'You gotta wait until I’m centred with the thing'... No, you need to be ready to do your job. Two photographers and neither was professional," another furious viewer commented.

"It’s on the photographer to be READY for this moment. So sad," a third added.

People felt empathy for the bride and groom, with many saying the couple should ask for their money back.

"Get a refund of some sort!!!! I would be livid!!! They can always ask you to kiss a second time but it was very rude of them to interrupt one of the biggest parts of the day," one commented.

"As a wedding photographer, I am SO SORRY!! It’s our job to capture the day, not direct it," a photographer said.

"This is their day. They hired YOU to be ready. Notice how everyone’s smiles went away when you said that," another claimed.


It comes after a woman shared her hilarious wedding fail online after realising she had accidentally crashed the wedding of a complete stranger because of a simple mistake.

When she arrived at the wedding at 3pm as per the invitation, she was surprised nobody had yet arrived at the ceremony. When people started showing up, she was confused as to why she didn't know anybody.

She didn't notice she had misread the invitation until the bride walked down the aisle – a woman who clearly wasn't her friend.

After re-reading the invite, she realised the wedding was on Sunday, not the Saturday she turned up.


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