TikTok bride goes viral with $47 wedding dress and $500 wedding

A bride has gone viral on social media with her low-cost wedding, claiming that she spent $500 USD, roughly $670 AUD, on the entire day.

Posting on TikTok, Kiara Brokenbrough shared a video of her beautiful wedding and commented, “This is for people who want to get married but they think they need money to do so. You don’t!”

Bride and groom stand next to an arch, the bride is showing off her ring as they've just been married.
This budget-savvy bride spent less than $670 AUD on the entire wedding. Photo: TikTok/kiarabrk

Others were quick to jump in with their opinions, with some skeptical that the $670 could cover the wedding dress as well.

“Lol I doubt the dress and tux are included, but that would be dope!” one wrote.


“This is everything! I’m not going broke to feed and entertain anyone,” another added.

“Spent 20k and was divorced 3 years later,” one lamented.

Screenshot of TikTok of a woman taking a photo of her wedding dress, text on the screenshot says
The TikTok bride bought her wedding dress off online shopping website SHEIN. Photo: TikTok/kiarabrk

In response to all the people who doubted that the total included the wedding dress, Kiara made another TikTok which racked up almost 1 million views.

Showing off her wedding dress, Kiara announced that her gown was only $47 USD, roughly $63 AUD, from online retailer SHEIN.

Woman wearing denim jacket, jeans and mustard boots holds a white cup that says 'bride' on it. She is taking the photo of a mirror with herself reflected in it. She is at a wedding dress shop, with wedding dresses on racks in the background.
The bride went to a traditional wedding dress shop first but refused to buy an expensive dress for just one day. Photo: Instagram/kiarabrk

TikTok users adored the dress, praising Kiara for the great deal she got, with some even sharing their own bargains.

“I love that people are realising paying the price of a car for a dress you’ll wear once doesn’t make any damn sense,” one wrote.

“Goes to show you that she made the dress and it didn’t make her,” another commented.

“Mine was $75 from ASOS!” a third chimed in.

Selfie of a groom and bride in black and white, both showing off their wedding rings.
Her TikTok has been viewed almost 1 million times. Photo: Instagram/kiarabrk

Writing on social media, Kiara explained why she went for a cheaper option.

"I didn’t want to spend hella money on a dress I would wear one time for a few hours and that would get dirty," she said.

"I’m so happy [with] the route we took. We really worked together on everything and have no debt from this."

Picture of a wedding ceremony on a cliff, there is an arch with some dusty pink material and fluffy flower on it, white chairs are lined up on the left.
The ceremony was simple but elegant. Photo: TikTok/kiarabrk

Their ceremony was at a viewpoint in California, which is a public place so it was free.

The couple were also gifted the runner, flowers and cake, plus guests paid for their own food at the reception.

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