'Bridezilla' savaged over last-minute bridesmaid decision

A woman has been dubbed a 'bridezilla' for her brutal decision to dump her cousin from her bridal party at the last minute.

Seeking advice on a Reddit thread about whether her cousin has a right to be upset, the 29-year-old bride explained she wanted to trade out her cousin to instead include her sister-in-law.

"Me and my fiancé are getting married in a couple of months. I have six bridesmaids, including Jack's sister Mary and my cousin Cassie. Jack has another sister, Anne who wasn't invited to the wedding originally because of some family issues – this conflict has now been resolved and we later gave Anne an invite," the bride explained.

"Now, I initially planned to ask both Mary and Anne if they wanted to be bridesmaids, but obviously because of the issue with Anne I didn't end up asking her. Anne is now saying that she should be a bridesmaid as well, and while it's a bit last minute, I do think she should be a bridesmaid since I was originally going to ask her anyway.

"I still only want six bridesmaids, so I asked Cassie if she would step down so Annie could be in it. I told her I knew it was unexpected, we would compensate for her dress that has already been ordered and she was still invited as a regular guest."

Rear view of young bride walking down the aisle while guests look at her.
The bridesmaid was confused after she was 'kicked out' of the bridal party. Source: Getty (Getty Images)

The bride went on to say Cassie seemed confused and asked why she was asked to be a bridesmaid to begin with. She said her cousin agreed to step down after explaining the situation, however, other bridesmaids in the party told her it was unfair she 'kicked her out' and that she should apologise.

"I got mad at that because I didn't think I did anything wrong, perhaps not ideal but not wrong so I called Cassie and asked if she'd been badmouthing me to the other girls," the bride continued.

"She replied that she 'just said the truth' about me 'kicking' her out, to which I said that it wasn't her place to say it and I would've told them.

"Cassie argued that they had a right to know, I said that she was acting privileged and it isn't her right to be my bridesmaid.

"Jack and his family think I did the right thing by standing my ground, but my mum gave me sh*t for being harsh to Cassie, am I the a**hole?"

Other Redditors slammed the bride, saying she had done the wrong thing by her cousin.

"Bridezilla showed her ugly side right there," one commented.

"Why didn't Cassie have the right to discuss the fact she was dumped unceremoniously from the wedding party?"


Another explained why the bride was in the wrong.

"It is very rude to tell someone, 'I want you to play this important role in my wedding because I value your friendship so deeply.... wait nvm, someone better is available now and you're the lowest ranking', without even an apology, especially after they've invested not just money but time and effort (that you can't reimburse) into preparing," the Redditor said.

"If I were the cousin, I wouldn't even go to the wedding as a guest. I also would tell them to consider all the time and money I wasted as part of my bridesmaid obligation to now be their wedding gift from me," another added.

Kennedy Marks explains her wedding rules on TikTok.
Kennedy Marks sparked debate with her list of wedding rules. Source: TikTok

TikToker sparks debate with 'bridezilla' wedding rules

It comes after a woman sparked debate on TikTok with a number of rules, despite her not yet being engaged.

Kennedy Marks says guests are banned from wearing white, making big announcements, and using the microphone unless the bride has allowed it.

Ms Marks also states there will be no boring people or children that haven't been approved.

"Number one is a rule for all weddings in my opinion – no one else wears white but the bride. I'm paying so much money, I've invited you to my day, please have the respect of not wearing white.

"My bridesmaids are under very strict instructions that if someone comes in wearing white, a bottle of red wine will be poured on you and you will be getting out before I see you."

"Weddings never go to plan, these rules, on the whole, will ruin your day," one suggested.

"Bridezilla your (sic) not even getting married. Red flag to your boyfriend, run when you can," another commented.

Others however said they had similar rules and the requests were reasonable.

"The brutal honesty in this is fantastic and I couldn't agree more with the list so far," one said.

"As a wedding stylist like these are just standard rules in my opinion," somebody else added.

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