TikToker sparks debate with 'bridezilla' wedding rules

A 'bridezilla' has divided opinion on TikTok after sharing a video of her extensive wedding rules for guests.

Kennedy Marks has already planned her big day with a list of rules stating what she expects from those invited, despite not yet even being engaged.

Kennedy Marks shares her list of rules for wedding guests in a TikTok video.
Kennedy Marks has banned people from wearing white and assuming plus ones are invited. Source: TikTok/@kennedymarks

In the TikTok, the 22-year-old from the UK says guests are banned from wearing white, making big announcements, and using the microphone unless the bride has allowed it.

Ms Marks also states there will be no boring people or children that haven't been approved.

"Weddings are just so expensive that I'm going to be a perfectionist on the day," she says in the video.

"Number one is a rule for all weddings in my opinion – no one else wears white but the bride. I'm paying so much money, I've invited you to my day, please have the respect of not wearing white.

"My bridesmaids are under very strict instructions that if someone comes in wearing white, a bottle of red wine will be poured on you and you will be getting out before I see you."


Ms Marks goes on to say she loves children and her friends' babies but she is not having children who she has no connection with.

"I don't want them screaming in my ceremony, I don't want children running onto the dance floor while I'm trying to do my first dance because you're at the bar," she said.

'These rules will ruin your day'

Ms Marks' list of 13 rules was applauded by some, while others dubbed her a bridezilla.

"Weddings never go to plan, these rules, on the whole, will ruin your day," one suggested.

"Bridezilla your (sic) not even getting married. Red flag to your boyfriend, run when you can," another commented.

Some people dubbed Kennedy Marks a 'bridezilla' for her list of rules. Source: Instagram/@Kennedy_marks
Some people dubbed Kennedy Marks a 'bridezilla' for her list of rules. Source: Instagram/@Kennedy_marks

Others however said they had similar rules and the requests were reasonable.

"The brutal honesty in this is fantastic and I couldn't agree more with the list so far," one said.

"As a wedding stylist like these are just standard rules in my opinion," somebody else added.

It's not the first time a bride's wedding list has gone viral, with a woman making the decision not to attend her sister's wedding over her 'demanding' list of requirements.

From a compulsory outfit for every family member, to the exact gift and honeymoon contributions that would likely total more than $2500, the bride's request became too much.

"My sister has chosen the clothes for each immediate member of her and her fiance’s family to buy and has said we will be turned away if we don’t comply," the sister said in a Reddit post.

"My parents told her it was unreasonable to expect this much of all of us. She said it was reasonable to expect your family to make your special day a good one."

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