Woman accidentally crashes stranger's wedding after invite mistake

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A woman has shared her hilarious wedding fail online after realising she had accidentally crashed the wedding of a complete stranger because of a simple mistake.

"Welcome to my life. where the most awkward things happen," TikTok user Taylor captioned a video, which she filmed on what she thought was her friend's wedding day, before sharing it on the video platform.

taylor tiktok wedding mistake
TikTok user Taylor shared a video about her wedding mistake online. Photo: TikTok

"So I'm ready and dressed for my friends to get married today. So I show up at the venue, three o'clock, like the invite says, but when I get there I was like, it's really empty and where's everyone?" the singer from Nashville explains, while sitting in her car.

"Maybe I'm in the wrong spot. So I talked to the coordinator and she's like, Oh, it's at four, like invite's wrong."


Taylor says she then sits down ready for the ceremony, waiting for other people to arrive, before she slowly starts realising that she doesn't seem to really know anybody else there.

"So then I'm sitting there and the bridesmaids come down. I was like, I still don't know any of these people," she continued.

"And then THE BRIDE comes down the aisle and I DON'T KNOW THE BRIDE, I'm at the WRONG WEDDING!"

taylor TikTok at wrong wedding
Taylor realised halfway through the ceremony that she was at the wrong wedding. Photo: TikTok

Panicking and thinking that she is missing her actual friend's wedding, she pulls aside the photographer to discreetly escort her out and double checks with the coordinator again whether there was another barn on the property.

"I was thinking that I was missing my friend's wedding, And I'm freaking out," Taylor adds.

"I show [the coordinator] my invite a second time, a second time, and she was like, 'Oh, your friend's wedding is on Sunday. It's Saturday'."

She finished by saying it was the "strangest experience of her life" and noted the wedding she had crashed was "beautiful".

"Don't be like me," she added in another caption, reposting the video again for her followers, who thought Taylor's mishap was hilarious.

"I laugh harder every time this replays," one person commented.

"This is hilarious.. omg I can't," another wrote.

While a third said: "This was the greatest story I have heard in a while."

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