Wedding guest sparks heated debate with outfit: 'Crass'

A wedding guest has sparked fierce debate online after she showed off the outfit she chose to wear to a friend's nuptials.

The woman posted a video on TikTok of her wearing a short cocktail dress with long sleeves and a plunging neckline.

However, a number of followers took issue with the fact she chose to wear a white dress – breaking the main outfit rule at weddings out of fear it could upstage the bride.

The guest had teamed the white dress with some colourful accessories, however she faced backlash over the decision.

The wedding guest was slammed for her choice of outfit. Source: TikTok
The wedding guest was slammed for her choice of outfit. Source: TikTok

"No you don't wear white to a wedding only the bride," one commented.

"Most people, without explanation, will assume the bride is wearing white and wants all the attention," another said.

"Please tell me you didn’t wear the white dress to the wedding," a third added.

"Wouldn’t wear it to a wedding," somebody else interjected while another said, "You don’t try and outshine the bride. It’s crass and rude."

Others also took issue with the fact the dress had such a plunging neckline, with many suggesting it was an inappropriate choice for a wedding.

The woman however slammed her critics, saying the rule was outdated.


"Do you know why brides wear white to weddings? Because back in the olden days it was a sign for you to signal that you were still a virgin, and that you were still pure, and still had moral value and value to a man," she said in a follow-up TikTok.

"Are we still doing that in 2022? Also in 2022 not assuming the people who are getting married are automatically brides. I'm in Australia and same-sex marriage is legal here."

She added the wedding she attended had two brides, one who was wearing a ruby red dress and the other an emerald green.

"Just in case you're concerned still with your outdated theories and points of view, and before you get back on your high horse, I am the kind of person that asked the bride or the person getting married what colours the bridesmaids' dresses are or the suits are if they're having a bridal party because I don't want to match," she said.

"I would not normally wear white to a wedding because I understand that would upset some people.

"Not every wedding is going to fit your idea of what a wedding should look like."


Many jumped to the woman's defence, with many saying they hoped she had a good time at the wedding.

"There are definitely open-minded people that wear whatever the f*** colour they want. Most people are antiquated in their ignorance," one said.

"People just assume that everyone wants/has a traditional wedding. I wore a blue wedding dress. I think you looked amazing!" another commented.

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