TikTok roasts wedding guest for 'embarrassing' outfit: 'I would die'

A TikTok user has taken to the app to share a video of her brother at a wedding wearing what some have labelled an 'embarrassing' outfit.

Nelly, who goes by @chaneltaylorreid on the app, shared a video from the event where all the guests are wearing dresses or suits, with the caption reading, "Only my brother would turn up to a wedding wearing this."

TikTok of guy wearing tracksuit at a wedding
TikTok has roasted a guy over the outfit he chose to wear to a wedding, with many saying they'd be 'so annoyed'. Photo: Tiktok/chaneltaylorreid

As the camera panned from the dance floor showing the rest of the guests to her 18-year-old brother next to her, she revealed he had chosen to wear a Nike tracksuit rather than a more traditional suit or blazer.

Many TikTok users roasted the girl's brother, with one user writing, "Nah if you at my wedding please get out."


"How is he not embarrassed?" another added.

"He would be kicked out of my wedding so fast," a third wrote.

"If someone comes to my wedding like that they're never invited to anything again," someone else agreed.

"I'm crying," another joked, while one user added, "No please."

"I'd be so annoyed," someone wrote.

"Didn't get the dress code," one joked.

Many others thought it was totally fine, with one user writing, "Don't blame him."

"He looks good, though," another added.

"Someone wears that to my wedding I would die, actually TBH I would dress the best man and all the lads in the wedding in the Nike tech [trackies] lol," someone else said.

Many also shared that their brothers had done the same thing before.

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