Dangerous detail spotted in bride's post: 'Going to kill the guests'

A bride has left people horrified after sharing her dangerous wedding catering ‘hack’.

The bride opted to mix 13kg of pasta salad in a giant children’s inflatable pool, causing concern for her guests.

A bride's post on social media of a giant paddling pool full of pasta salad
People were horrified by the bride's idea to prepare pasta salad in a paddling pool. Photo: Facebook

The blue paddling pool of salad contains pasta, olives, cherry tomatoes, salami and a form of cheese.

Alongside the photo of the pasta salad, she wrote: “Wedding food prep day three…30 lbs of pasta salad. (Yes, that’s an inflatable pool).”


After her post was shared in a popular wedding shaming group, people were quick to point out the glaring problem with her ‘hack’.

“Day three…so presumably the wedding is still some days away. They’re going to literally kill guests with unrefrigerated pasta salad. Bacillus cereus is no joke!” one worried group member wrote.

“I feel at this point I would definitely dox them and send this image to people on their friends list to tell them to pass this info along. This could honestly kill people,” added a second.

“How long will it sit in that [pool]?? Pasta can kill you once it grows bacteria! Never eat old pasta!” another warned.

“Omg ew wtf. Are they trying to murder their entire wedding? Pasta is so dangerous when not kept properly!” a fourth chimed in.

Bacillus cereus is a type of bacteria that has caused deaths in the past, including one student who ate spaghetti with tomato sauce riddled with the bacteria in 2008.

According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, it is a “spore-forming bacterium that produces toxins that cause vomiting or diarrhoea”.

Others were disgusted by the thought of the bride using a paddling pool for any type of food.

“Oh that thing my toddlers peed in all summer? It doubles as a serving tray!” joked a member.

“The option for aluminium pans [was] RIGHT THERE,” pointed out a second.

“If I was invited to that wedding and saw this post I would immediately be changing my RSVP to ‘no’,” wrote another.

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