Bride sparks heated debate over 'entitled' child request: 'Unreasonable'

A bride has divided opinion after sharing a wedding guest’s ‘entitled’ request regarding children at her wedding.

The bride explained that she ruffled feathers when she posted wedding photos, which included her sister-in-law’s children, on Facebook.

A bride being carried by a groom down the aisle with children circled in red
A bride has sparked debate with her wedding dilemma. Photo: Getty

Asking for 'help' on social media, the bride began by saying that she was really excited after receiving professional photos from her September wedding.

“I made a private group on Facebook and have been uploading them since I got home. Then, my sister-in-law messaged me,” she said.

“Her husband doesn’t allow anyone to post pics of their kids on the internet. In any form. They. Sat. Front. Row. Their kids are in 80% of my photos in one way, shape or form. And now they’re saying I’m not allowed to post their kids. What the f**k do I do now?!?!?” she asked.


A friend added that the bride didn’t want to cover the children’s faces with emojis or blur them out because she ‘paid a lot of money’ for the photos.

A young boy and girl dance at a wedding
According to the bride, the children were in 80% of her wedding photos. Photo: Getty

There were plenty of people who slammed the parents for being ‘unreasonable’, with some saying the kids shouldn’t have been seated in the front row.

“Legally the sis and law and her husband don’t have any say here. There’s no expectation of privacy, even for kids. They should’ve left the kids at home if they didn’t want them photographed,” one person wrote.

“There is no expectation of privacy at a public event where a reasonable person would expect photography to happen,” added a second.

“They’re [the bride’s] pictures. If she wants to post some she has every right to do so. The sister-in-law and her husband should’ve made more of an effort to keep their children out of the pictures,” another remarked.

However, other people backed the parents' request for ‘digital privacy’.

“You. Delete. Them.” a former wedding photographer wrote. “I’m not sorry but f**king duh. Blur the children and check with the parents. These parents aren’t ‘entitled’, they’re asking for digital privacy of their children.

“Yes, they obviously knew a photographer was there, and they would likely be in photos, but not all of those photos shared on Facebook.”

“Blur the children’s faces. It’s VERY simple. You’re uploading the pics for people to see you and hubby (bride and groom) anyway. No one will notice or care that some faces in the background are blurred out,” another agreed.

“Some people have very legit reasons to not have pics of their kids on social media. My sister is law enforcement and has the same rules for good reason. It wouldn’t be hard to just blur their faces for social media,” a third chimed in.

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