Wedding guest slammed for see-through racy dress: 'Trashy'

A wedding guest has been slammed over her see-through racy dress, with some describing it as "trashy" and "tacky". A Facebook user shared a photo of a couple attending a wedding to a group, writing, "A guest wore this dress to a more conservative, church wedding..."

The mini-dress featured see-through panels in the torso, with the bust being the only part that was covered. The guest posed with what appeared to be her date in the photo.

Facebook users were unimpressed by the look, describing it as something you'd wear to a nightclub, not a wedding, with one user writing, "This dress is ugly, first of all, and secondly, it's not appropriate for a wedding, ESPECIALLY one in a church. Church attire is like office attire but gussied up. This ain't it."

Wedding guests
A wedding guest has been slammed for the see-through dress that she wore to a conservative church wedding. Photo: Facebook

"I agree with the OP. That's a trashy looking dress for any wedding," another said.

"There is a time and a place and this is tacky. I say this as someone who goes clubbing. Also — the dress is just ugly lol," a third added.


"If you want to make a 'statement' to a church by wearing a clubbing outfit, more power to you, but maybe not at someone else’s wedding?" someone else said. "There’s nothing wrong with the dress itself (except that it looks poorly made and fitted) but it’s 'inappropriate' in a similar way that wearing sweatpants or white is inappropriate for a wedding. Yes, these are 'silly' societal rules, but rules that you should stick to protesting at your own wedding."

"I have heard of priests not letting people in the church because their dress was above their knees or their shoulders weren't covered," another shared. "I'm not for extreme rules, but if you are entering a church of any kind you should have some respect and dress properly. This dress not only doesn't fit her, but is also made for a night out in a club, not for a church wedding. And I would not blame anyone if they asked her to leave the church."

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"This dress is inappropriate for a wedding, whether it’s in a church or not," one user agreed. "I think people should try to keep it classy for events like weddings, funerals, baby showers, etc."

However, many thought the dress was perfectly fine for the event, with one user commenting, "There is absolutely nothing disrespectful about wearing this dress to a church."


"Old people in attendance are secretly so grateful bc she gave them some dumb s**t to grumble to one another about every time they see each other until they die," another joked.

"Maybe the conservative church goers should stop being so offended by everything," a third said.

"Mute me if you must but this dress is fire and the only shame here is the op. Clutch those pearls," someone else joked.

"It’s not inappropriate at all. I’ve seen far worse. She’s probably not religious," another offered.

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