Bride's mother-in-law slammed after breaking unspoken rule: 'So rude'

It’s a well-known rule that guests attending a wedding shouldn’t wear white to keep the focus on the bride during her big day.

One unlucky bride discovered that not everybody respects this unspoken rule when her mother-in-law turned up wearing a white floor-length wedding gown.

Bride, mother in law and other groomsmen after a wedding ceremony with emojis covering their faces
The bride's mother-in-law on the left wore a frilly white dress and tan heels to the wedding. Photo: Facebook

Alongside a photo of herself greeting family after the ceremony, the newlywed added a snarky caption in a popular Facebook wedding group.

“Me in the centre, and my mother-in-law on the left wearing a full-length white dress at my wedding,” she wrote.


At first glance, it looks like there are two brides in the photo, with one person saying they "legitimately couldn’t tell" who was the actual bride.

Others were furious on the bride’s behalf, with many hitting out at the "rude" act.

“Is she the type who seems like she wants to marry her son or the type where all attention must be paid to her at all times? ‘Cause I kind of have to assume it’s one or the other,” one person commented.

“See, with me as a bridesmaid, she’d have been doused in red wine. I had a bottle ready and waiting if something popped off at my bestie’s wedding,” a group member wrote.

“I can simply not wrap my head around it. What goes on in the mind of the people who do this? I have a one-year-old son. If he ever decides to marry, I could NOT imagine showing up in a floor-length white dress. What are these people thinking?” a third added.

“Holy cats. I’m so sorry. That’s such a trashy move,” another remarked.


The bride also received plenty of hints and advice from group members on what to do next.

“Absolutely have your photographer edit the colour of her dress in every pic. When she says something tell her it’s just a policy that the photographer has to edit anyone who breaks the ‘you don’t wear white to someone else’s wedding’ rule,” one advised.

“Can the photographer edit the photo and change the colour of the dress? Because I’m 100% sure it would piss her off AND eliminate the white dress, a win-win!” suggested a second.

“And when the mother-in-law [asks] about it, flat out say, ‘I had the photographer change it because I thought it looked creepy to have the mother of the groom dressed up like she was going to marry her own son’,” quipped another.

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