Bride shamed for 'white trash' wedding: 'Worst thing I have seen'

A bride has been roasted online after she shared photos from her ‘white trash’ wedding in Arizona.

Wearing a short lace dress with a tutu, the bride even coloured a tooth black to pretend it was missing for the 'hillbilly' theme.

L: A bride sprays champagne while a groom wearing a hat made from a beer box watches. R: A bride and groom stand looking tacky
A bride has been mocked for her 'tacky' wedding in Arizona. Photo: Facebook

Photos were posted to a popular Facebook wedding group, with the caption reading: “Found in the wild. AZ river rat white trash wedding. Complete with Coors light hat and tighty-whities shirt for the groom, and a missing tooth for the bride.”

The bride proudly wore a pair of camo Crocs, while the groom stood out with his denim cut-off shorts and an ugly hat made from an old beer box.


On closer inspection, the groom is actually wearing a pair of white underwear as a shirt, with his belly hanging out and a black bowtie loosely hanging on top.

Two signs were placed in front of three camping chairs, with one reading “SAME VAGINA FOREVER”, and the other spelling out “SHE DESERVES BETTER”.

L: A bride wearing a tutu pours champagne into the mouth of someone dressed as a nun. R: The bride poses for a photo with one tooth blacked out
There was no explanation as to why a friend was dressed as a nun. Photo: Facebook

The bride is also seen engaging in ‘confusing’ behaviour, pouring champagne down her friend’s mouth — who also happens to be dressed as a nun.

People were baffled by the ceremony, with one writing: “What the hell is happening here?”

“I don’t understand any of it,” another added.

“Omg. The location. The nun (????). This is the worst thing I have seen this month,” a third chimed in.

A tacky wedding setting with three red camping chairs and two signs, outside, by a river.
The entire wedding looked 'tacky'. Photo: Facebook

It wasn’t long before the couple were slammed for their wedding theme.


“There’s nothing I don’t hate about this,” a second commented.

“So this is like a joke? They used their wedding to make fun of poor, typically uneducated people?” another asked.

“Oh my god. They clearly deserve each other. There is always a person for everybody, I suppose,” a fourth remarked.

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