Bride shocked by 'entitled' wedding guest: 'Disgusting'

The wedding guest was torn apart on social media.

A bride-to-be has shared their shock after an “entitled” guest sent an RSVP back for her wedding. Although the couple had sent an invitation for just two people, the family said six guests would be attending and listed a number of “unhinged” demands.

The family planned to arrive in a motorhome and told the couple they would need power and transport while they were there, as well as attempting to guilt the bride into fulfilling their requests.

Bride and groom on their wedding day. Insert of a wedding RSVP
A bride shared the 'unhinged' wedding invitation response on social media. Photo: Getty & Facebook

The full message read: “We should arrive Thurs late afternoon in our motorhome. We have a screened-in cabana room. We can all sleep in our motorhome, we’ll need to hook up power.

“We will need a ride to all wedding festivities. We would be happy to host a breakfast Friday morning for all at your home, took a lot of planning for us to make this trip. Looking forward to all the fun.”

Photos of the altered invitation were shared on a popular Facebook wedding shaming group, with an update from the couple.


“Shaming this guest who apparently is bringing the whole family when just two people were invited AND making travel accommodation demands, all while guilt-tripping the guide. Update: [the] couple has rescinded their invite to this guest,” the group member wrote.

Two photos of a wedding RSVP card filled with writing
The wedding guest sent their RSVP back with a list of demands for the couple. Photo: Facebook

Many people were outraged on the bride’s behalf, with one saying that their “jaw actually dropped”.

“Disgusting. You call and talk to make plans even if they were close enough, which it doesn’t seem like they are, to make these requests,” a person commented.

“We would be happy to host a breakfast AT YOUR HOME? God, once in my life I would love to have this level of chutzpah,” another quipped.

“Wow. No. It’s wild to me that people think they can still bring extra guests, let alone make the logistics of their transportation on the day of the wedding the bride and groom’s problem. How are some people so oblivious?” a third asked.

“I’m still stuck on the audacity to write down six [guests] when it sounds like the invite specified only two,” another remarked.


Others shared their own invitation dilemmas, with uninvited guests more common than one might think.

“We had a guest try to bring a partner and five uninvited kids (some adults), when we said it wasn't possible they acted like we were unreasonable and said we could just 'pull up a few extra chairs to a table’,” a former bride revealed.

“This also happened to me, but the intended invitees (my cousin and her husband) crossed their names out and put her mum and dad, brother AND his wife down as attending ‘in her place’. We tried so hard to circumvent problems by putting each person’s full name on the RSVP card and it still happens,” another added.

“Never forget my fateful 12-person RSVP. When I got married, I sent an invitation to an aunt and uncle and said we had reserved two seats in their honour and they put a one in front of the two and put a bunch of other people’s names on the back. Most of them were small children, even though it was a child-free event. I made my now-husband deal with it but it worked out thankfully,” a third commented.

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