Bride shames wedding guest for breaking unspoken rule: 'Idiotic'

Her wedding guest turned up in two 'frowned upon' colours.

It’s a common unspoken rule for wedding guests not to wear white to avoid upstaging the bride on her big day. In Vietnam, bridal colours are red and white, and a bride has revealed that one of her ‘idiotic’ guests wore both colours to her wedding.

In a post on Reddit, she shared photos of herself and one of her mother’s friends, who turned up in a bridal outfit with a red fascinator. In the photos shared, it’s almost impossible to tell which woman is the bride due to the guest’s major faux pas.

Bride looking outside
The bride was shocked when she spotted her mum's friend in the crowd. Photo: Getty

It turns out that her mother’s friend specifically went overseas and paid $1,000 for a custom-made Ao Dai, a traditional Vietnamese outfit. The lacy material and long sleeves drew attention, and she held a chunky black bag in her left hand.

The bride elaborated on the guest’s behaviour in the comments, saying that she was “unbothered” and still had "the best day of her life".

“On the night everyone was asking me who she was and if I was ok, but my response was basically: ‘It’s mum’s friend, how stupid does she look!’. I was honestly having such a great time that it didn’t bother me too much,” she wrote.


“She’s known me since I was in primary school. We live in an area where the Vietnamese community is relatively small so everyone knows each other.

“The dress is actually a dress with pants underneath (an Ao Dai). She borrowed the pants from my mum but didn’t tell her the dress would be white! My mum was livid!”

The woman wore a custom made white lace dress with a red fascinator. Photo: Reddit
The woman wore a custom white lace dress with a red fascinator. Photo: Reddit

The bride also said that she had specifically asked guests not to wear white on her wedding website, before recounting the awful behaviour displayed by her mum’s friend.

“She was standing around at the car park and then up around the arch the whole time making sure she was seen. Also, she’s NOT family but sat close to the front of the ceremony. Her husband was considerate enough to sit in the back,” she revealed.

Her actions during the actual ceremony shocked many, with the bride revealing the guest stood up halfway through her vows to give her a handkerchief.

“My bridesmaids were giving her death glares afterwards lol. My husband threw that handkerchief in the bin the day after,” she added.

Woman wearing a wedding dress
The wedding guest also held a chunky black bag and sported bright blue eyeshadow. Photo: Reddit

The post attracted hundreds of comments, with many sympathising with the bride.

“I’m so sorry you had to deal with this on your big day. Either way, she didn’t succeed to outshine or upstage you. You look absolutely stunning, and your dress is gorgeous. While she looks like she is wearing her outdated wedding dress from 30 years ago,” one person wrote.

“I don’t think you could find an uglier purse if you tried. What is it with ladies wearing bride-like dresses to someone else’s wedding? Use your common sense: it’s a once-in-a-lifetime day for the bride (and groom). Keep the focus on them — not you,” another added.

“This just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Wearing not one but two ‘forbidden’ wedding colours in one go is stupidly impressive!” a third pointed out.

“White dress with a red fascinator is a hideous combo let alone a s**tty one for a wedding, girl looks like strawberry shortcake aged 50 years,” another remarked.


Others were impressed by the bride’s ability to ignore the wedding guest, with a handful saying they wouldn’t have let it slide.

“I’ve actually given a friend a green light for spilling red wine on anyone dressed in white. I don’t have a very strict dress code, but I expect people to know that simple rule,” one Reddit user admitted.

“Did anyone give her side eye or say anything? I am a petty b**ch, so I would have either straight up said something, or would have dumped wine or a red drink on her. Those who know me know I would so do this for a friend, her choice,” another added.

“I would’ve accidentally had all my bridesmaids drop red wine on her at the same time. Whoops!” a third commented.

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