I'm a Celeb's Jess Eva reveals she kissed this Prime Minister

I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! may only be a couple of weeks in, but already the show has set plenty of tongues wagging over a series of baffling moments, from the confronting to the kooky.

Perhaps no commentary was quite so unexpected, however, than a startling admission dropped by The Block’s Jess Eva on Wednesday evening’s episode of the program.

Im a Celeb camp
A startling confession shook up the I'm a Celeb camp on Wednesday evening. Photo: Ten

As the celebrities grow more bored, things have grown steadily battier, with last night’s episode hitting a new peak of weird.


After Grant Denyer and Toni Pearen constructed a new pair of frames for the Gold Logie winner out of grass and sheer ingenuity, Jess got cracking on the former Funniest Home Videos host’s eyebrows.

Using fire, the reality star gave Toni a bold, bushy look that got her thinking about another heavily-eyebrowed individual who had caught her eye in a past life, and she wasn’t the only one.

“Your [eyebrows] look great... John Howard energy,” Abbie Chatfield told Toni as she showed off her very thick new look.

Jess Eva does Toni Pearen's eyebrows using fire charcoal on I'm a Celeb
Toni's bold new look had Jess reminiscing about another bushy-eyebrowed person from her past. Photo: Ten

The reference quickly had Jess spilling her guts, admitting she had laid a smooch on former Prime Minister John Howard for a photo op when he was in power.

“I kissed John Howard on the side of the face,” she admitted. “You know what he tasted like? Soap. Like he must scrub his face with soap so hard.”

Jess Eva describes kissing John Howard on the cheek
Jess gave her campmates a blow-by-blow of her amorous interaction with the former PM. Photo: Ten

“He scrubs his face so hard because people keep kissing him on the cheek,” Grant Denyer cheekily quipped.

Jess explained she had had the photo as her profile picture on Facebook ‘for ages’, and also reenacted it with Toni to her fellow celebrities’ delight.

Jess Eva John Howard kiss
The famous snap has been immortalised on Jess' Instagram page. Photo: Ten

Taking to Instagram she shared the now-infamous kiss pic with her fans at home.

“This is me tasting John Howard,” she captioned the snap. “He dead set tastes like Johnson and Johnson soap. Absolutely no reason why the picture had to be taken from the waist up. Don’t think I’m [John’s] type.”

It comes after multiple eyebrow-raising moments on the show so far. Toni herself got her campmates talking when she stepped out in a revealing bikini, showing off her age-defying figure to impressed reactions.

Bikinis have been hot topics on the show so far, with Abbie Chatfield and Dipper also setting tongues wagging when they had a confrontation over Dipper’s comments about Abbie’s decision to wear the swimsuit.

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