Vegemite unveils ultimate collectable for fans to mark 100th birthday

These limited-edition Vegemite replica jars are a must-have for fans of the iconic spread.

Vegemite is celebrating its 100th birthday in October, and to honour the milestone, the beloved Aussie brand is releasing a keepsake for fans of the iconic spread: mini replica jars made from fine silver.

These limited-edition jars, crafted by Melbourne Gold and Silver, will be available in one-ounce and three-ounce sizes, standing at 18.8mm and 26.8mm tall, respectively.

Silver Vegemite replica jars
Only 500 silver Vegemite replica jars are available. Photo: Supplied

Made in Australia from high-quality fine silver, the stunning pieces showcase intricate designs that pay homage to the iconic Vegemite jar and its historic label.


Hold onto your sandwiches though, because here comes the exciting twist. By purchasing one of these fine silver jars, you'll also get the chance to win a truly golden treasure. That's right, a few lucky Aussies will get the opportunity to score a jar that's dipped in shimmering gold.

By being one of the first 500 buyers of the silver mini Vegemite jars, you'll have the chance to win an 18-karat gold-plated version of the collectable jar. There are only five one-ounce and five three-ounce jars to be won, so these are super rare and even more collectable.

Vegemite replica gold
Every purchase will go into the draw to win an 18-karat gold-plated version of the collectable. Photo: Supplied

The once-in-a-lifetime release is a unique tribute to the Aussie kitchen staple, appealing not only to Vegemite lovers but also to collectors of precious metals, limited-edition treasures and Australiana.

Get in quick

The release comes after the Royal Australian Mint unveiled a Vegemite coin set, including a $1 coin featuring a colourful slice of Vegemite toast with a bite taken out. The collection sold out in just two hours.

Recognising the immense popularity of the Vegemite coins, Executive General Manager of Bega Foods Adam McNamara and his team raised the stakes in crafting the replica jars. "When we were designing the idea, the original thought was to have 100 of them, in keeping with the 100th birthday," he said.

Silver and gold Vegemite replica jars
The mini Vegemite jar replicas are a unique way to celebrate the iconic Aussie spread. Photo: Supplied

"But with the popularity of the Vegemite coins. We didn't think 100 would be enough, so we've gone with 500 of them." Mr McNamara has a hunch the jars will skyrocket in value as time goes on, musing that "people will probably pass them onto the next generation".


Collectors will have to act quickly - the fine silver mini Vegemite jar is available for pre-order at until stocks last, with just 500 one-ounce and 500 three-ounce replicas available.

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