Mum's outrage over Vegemite toast order: 'TOO FAR'

A mum has been left fuming after a cafe took her Vegemite toast order "too far".

Posting a photo of the toast caked with Vegemite and butter on Twitter, the mum explained she had ordered it for her children.

"This artisanal cafe culture has gone TOO FAR," she wrote.

"Daughter said it tasted 'yucky' and like nuts. Turns out the cafe only does 'homemade Vegemite' – a vegan concoction involving sesame and soy. (Lucky my baby isn't allergic) Hard no!!"

Others on Twitter were just as shocked by the twist on the Aussie favourite.

Homemade Vegemite spread on bread.
The mum claimed the cafe went 'too far' with its Vegemite toast concoction. Source: Twitter

"Homemade Vegemite? Should be a criminal offence," one said.

"But I also have to add that I’ve had a hard enough time explaining the pros - and spreading technique - of 'authentic' Vegemite to non-Australians so there’s no way I’m getting onboard this homemade version…"

"Homemade Vegemite?! Hard no. Why not call it a yeast spread? Or at least make clear that it’s not Vegemite," another claimed.

"Vegemite is already vegan... so just, why??" a third questioned.


Another claimed the homemade Vegemite did not look appetising, saying it looked like mould.

"Looks like mould on bread, ewww. Also they should say what it is upfront because, as you pointed out, there’s a little (huge - major - dire) thing called ‘allergies’," a comment read.

One mum shared her own story about how a 'chocolate milkshake' on a cafe menu caused her son to have an anaphylactic reaction.

"At the very least they shouldn't call it Vegemite," she said.

"Once, a cafe offered a 'chocolate milkshake' on its menu, which had actually been flavoured with a BS vegan peanut brownie rather than choc syrup.

"My son had an anaphylactic reaction to it."

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