Former Today star Jess Rowe divides with Vegemite act: 'Not right'

The journalist showed off her quick and easy meal on Instagram.

Former Today host Jess Rowe has found herself in the middle of a fierce debate after sharing a simple snap of her dinner. The 52-year-old threw together a fast meal of Vegemite on toast for her family on Tuesday.

The journalist posted a photo showing four pieces of buttered multigrain toast, each covered with a thin smattering of the classic Aussie spread. “Today Tuesday! Tuesday is veggie on toast!” she wrote in the caption.

L: Vegemite on a shelf. R: Jess Rowe holding a cocktail
Former Today star Jess Rowe has sparked debate online. Photo: Getty & Instagram/jessjrowe

The media personality was praised for whipping up such a quick meal, with some suggesting adding avocado or an egg to elevate her dish next time.

Fans also loved how Jess was open to sharing all facets of her life on social media instead of presenting a picture-perfect, glossy version of herself.


She quipped in the comments that “it’s a fine art” to get the Vegemite to toast ratio right, and told followers that the finished product was “so yummy”.

However, multiple people weren’t pleased with the Aussie star’s use of the savoury spread.

Four pieces of toast with Vegemite and butter on it, one has a bite taken out of it
Her innocent snap divided fans on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/jessjrowe

“No! Toast must be cold so the huge lot of butter doesn’t melt then a smatter of vege,” her mother Penelope Rowe wrote.

“As a Vegemite queen I feel the ratio is not right…love you to bits Jess Rowe,” another added.

“Not a ‘meal’ until you slather the Vegemite on!!!” a third chimed in.

“More veggie needed on this toast,” another remarked.

On the other hand, multiple people applauded her "perfect" dinner offering.

“Finally! Someone who knows the exact amount of Vegemite required on toast,” a fan declared.

“Nothing better than multigrain toast, butter & Vegemite!” another said.

“Perfect toast to Vegemite ratio,” a third added.

Tom Hanks’ Vegemite mishap: ‘Not ideal’

This comes after Tom Hanks was roasted online after sharing a picture of toast slathered with a huge amount of Vegemite on it.

The star, who was recovering from Covid in Australia with his wife Rita Wilson, uploaded the snap alongside the caption: “Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx”.

Social media exploded, with many fans desperately begging Tom to scrape the majority of the yeast spread off his toast.


“That’s not an ideal amount of Vegemite. Use very sparingly. As you would anchovy paste,” one person wrote.

“Glad you’re doing well! But can we talk about that prodigious layer of Vegemite?” another asked.

“You’ve been stitched up here mate, whoever told you to put that much Vegemite on without butter is having a laugh. Hope you’re feeling better,” a third chimed in.

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