Big Brother's 'Farmer Dave' barely recognisable in shirtless snap

He rose to fame on Big Brother Australia over 14 years ago but today David Graham — or ‘Farmer Dave’ as he’s better known — looks a little different to the fresh-faced young man that captured the nation’s heart.

In a Christmas pic shared to his Instagram account, the 40-year-old former reality TV star — who was in his mid-20s when he made his TV debut — is seen enjoying a beer while shirtless in a large tub of water.

Big Brother's David 'Farmer Dave' Graham shirtless drinking a beer in a water trough
Big Brother's David 'Farmer Dave' Graham is barely recognisable in a festive shirtless snap. Photo: Instagram/farmerdavek9m8.

He still has his signature long blonde hair but these days it falls way past his shoulders and is kept in check in a ponytail.

The biggest change, however, has to be his thick, bristly beard which was a mere shadow of scruff during his time in the Big Brother house.

“Merry Christmas from a bloke in a sheep trough who is just so content with his life, so happy yet so exhausted with 2020 coming to a close .. here is cheers to you Baby Jesus!” he captioned the snap.

After his 2006 stint on the small screen — which saw him come out as gay during a live episode — Dave picked up a few other TV gigs and even appeared on Dancing With The Stars despite preferring the quiet life.


David graham aka Farmer Dave on Channel 10's Big Brother in 2006
Farmer Dave appeared on Channel 10's Big Brother in 2006. Photo: Channel 10.

“I’m a very reluctant person in the spotlight,” he told Mamamia back in June.

“I prefer my own company and I prefer being on a farm. Back then it was the Millennium drought, so I did whatever I needed to do to pay for stock feed and then I just went back to the farm.

He went on to reveal that his Dancing With The Stars paycheque went toward a “big stock feed bill” that he needed to pay off.

These days Dave is living the good life out of the spotlight having returned to his rural roots to continue farming and forge a successful career as a dog trainer.

He’s also a dad to three young daughters after donating his sperm to a lesbian couple and a single female friend.

Big Brother's David 'Farmer Dave' Graham shirtless in a water trough
Dave shared this throwback snap to his Instagram account in 2018. Photo: Instagram/farmerdavek9m8.

While his hectic work schedule — which sees him touring the world doing live dog training gigs —left him little time to spend with his girls, that’s all changed because of COVID.

Dave’s most recent event in New Orleans in the US was canned two days in due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing him to return to Australia and reassess his role as a father.

“[My daughters have] got super-loving families around them and all that sort of stuff, and I’m a donor dad so it’s a little bit different to a full-time role of a father, but a dad’s a dad,” he told the publication.

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