Troye Sivan shocks with nude filter mishap: 'This is embarrassing'

Aussie singer Troye Sivan has been left red-faced after suffering from an 'embarrassing’ nude filter mishap. Many celebrities have jumped on the TikTok AI Anime filter trend which transforms anybody into an anime cartoon character.

However, the YouTuber doesn’t take himself too seriously, and decided to put the filter onto the sole of his foot to see what would appear. Fans couldn’t believe what happened next, with one saying they were "laughing so hard they cried".

L: Troye Sivan topless taking a mirror selfie. R: Troye Sivan with his mouth wide open in shock
Troye Sivan was shocked by one of TikTok's AI filters. Photo: Instagram/troyesivan & TikTok/troyesivan

The star was visibly shocked when the filter turned his foot into a “sexy, naked Ken doll” next to his face. The anime figure created consisted of a nude, muscular body from the neck to just above the knees.

Troye’s face was turned into an anime character and was spotted smiling, before the camera cut to the star staring at the camera with his mouth wide open.


“There’s [so much] to unpack here I’m yelling,” one fan wrote on social media.

“Gives a whole [other] meaning to foot fetish,” quipped another.

“This is embarrassing,” a third commented.

L: Troye Sivan with his foot up to the camera on TikTok. R: Anime versions of Troye Sivan's foot as a naked man and his face as a character
The Aussie star was mortified when his foot morphed into a naked man. Photo: TikTok/troyesivan

Even though the TikTok filter that Troye used on his video was created by the platform, the video was swiftly deleted for violating community guidelines.

He addressed the nude disaster on Instagram and pleaded with TikTok not to ban his account.

“Just for the record, I showed the sole of my feet. Which is not inherently against community guidelines TikTok AI,” he began.

“You were the one with your mind in the gutter, who decided to put a hot, sexy, naked Ken doll next to me, to violate your own community guidelines.

“If I get banned on TikTok for this, I’ll see you in court,” he finished.


His fans applauded his stance, with many agreeing that TikTok should take responsibility for the filter.

“Why does TikTok have the option to post AI naked images if it breaks their own terms and conditions?” a fan pointed out.

“How can a TikTok-made filter violate community guidelines,” another asked.

“They deleted the video? What about the AI art generator? If they have it up, I SWEAR,” a third chimed in.

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