Tony Armstrong walks off ABC News Breakfast after massive on-air fail

ABC News Breakfast sports presenter Tony Armstrong walked out of the studio on Thursday morning after an attempt to learn an Irish dance ended in a massive fail.

The AFL player tested his athletic skills during a segment about the upcoming Eireborne Irish dancing tour.

He attempted to learn a move and struggled to pick it up before he said, "Oh, I don't have this at all".

After the Irish dancers showed off their routine, host Michael Rowland said he would not be happy until he saw Tony do a high kick.

Tony Armstrong attempts a high kick during a segment on ABC News Breakfast. Source: ABC
Tony Armstrong attempts a high kick during a segment on ABC News Breakfast. Source: ABC

To impress those in the studio, Tony then did a short run-up before jumping in a high kick, not quite nailing the landing.

He stumbled and ran off set as the hosts laughed before expressing concern as Tony joked he'd injured his hamstring.


"Can we get a physio to the studio please," co-host Catherine Murphy said.

"I'm out," Tony can be heard yelling off camera.

"I really hope this doesn't affect his football career," Catherine added.

Michael then thought it may have been too soon to joke, saying, "I really think he did do his hammy".

"He's limped out of the studio."

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Tony's attempt at Irish dancing.

"Oh that was funny," one wrote.

"I hope he knows how many people get some joy (boost to mental health) to begin our day from his charm, self-deprecating fun and entertaining antics. The spontaneity. Even with little interest in sport, I can tell his commentary is excellent, and [his] voice a pleasure to listen to," another said.

Tony is a beloved TV presenter, winning the Logie for Most Popular New Talent in June.

Following his win, the sports presenter said he felt "warm and fuzzy".

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