Tony Armstrong reveals how he feels being called ‘Australia’s boyfriend’

The Logie award winner opens up about life in the public eye and his struggles with fame. Watch here.

Video transcript

TONY ARMSTRONG: I mean, there's probably two parts to it, right? It's like, it's so lovely. The people would be so complimentary, like obviously, obviously, that's really nice.

I definitely feel, like I definitely get a bit uncomfortable because like sometimes it gets full-on might be the wrong word, but it can be a lot at times. And even for instance, like walking the Logies red carpet, like that was I hated that so much. Like, very overwhelming, all that kind of thing, and being nominated for an award, people wanted to talk to me and stuff, and I was pretty keen to just it's got a walk through. But that there was going to be none of that.

So like that-- it's kind of like this self-fulfilling prophecy, it's like, the better I-- the better I get at my job, which I wanted, like, I always want to try to be better and try to do a better job, kind of the bigger my profile will get and the more that will happen. So it's like, it's like, yeah, I want to do this because I want to be good at the work. But then, unfortunately, the caveat to that is that I'm working in a very public space.

And just by nature of what people think, what some people think might be cool or whatever, I'm in that hitting zone. So it means, I have those articles or comments made about me, and I mean, yeah, That's a long winded way to say I'm uncomfortable.

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