Sunrise's Nat Barr returns and reveals she's still sick: 'Head spins'

Natalie Barr made her big return to Sunrise on Wednesday morning, after disappearing for a week due to coming down with Covid.

The host is still feeling under the weather, and joked that the lingering illness made her feel like she’s ‘had a couple of wines’.

Sunrise host Nat Barr talks to the camera with her hands up, wearing a red dress, sitting next to Kochie who is smiling and wearing a blue suit with white shirt
Sunrise host Nat Barr admitted she's still feeling sick. Photo: Seven

Although she wasn’t back to her usual self, she did let her colleagues know that she wasn’t contagious and had the all-clear from her doctor to return.

“Nat is back,” David ‘Kochie’ Koch told viewers, before asking her how she was feeling.

“I’m good, except I’ve got a sinus infection and I’m a bit light-headed. Apart from that, I’m great,” she laughed.

“I did a telehealth with the doctor yesterday, he said don’t worry you’re not contagious,” she assured her co-stars.


Newsreader Sally Bowrey feigned outrage and joked: “Because you’re on Telehealth! For us, you are [contagious]!”

“No, I’m not! Don’t worry, he said it’s all just happening in my head. What did he mean by that?” Nat replied.

Two hours into Sunrise, Kochie poked fun at how Nat was feeling.

“Nat is feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” he joked.

Nat was quick to set him straight, saying she wasn’t feeling great at all.

“Not really. Has anyone had head spins after Covid, is that normal? [I’m] a bit lightheaded, but I’m just going with it — it’s like I’ve had a couple of wines, wooo,” she told viewers.

Photo of a breakfast tray with a coffee, sugar, panadol minicaps, two poached eggs, roasted tomatoes and a knife and fork.
Nat provided her followers with an update on her time in isolation. Photo: Instagram/natalie_barr7

Nat Barr’s health update

This comes after the Sunrise host gave her followers an insight into how she was coping with Covid at home.

Sharing a photo of a breakfast tray delivered to her room, the star admitted she didn’t have much of an appetite left.

“Losing my appetite a bit, but getting used to this breakfast in bed situation,” she wrote.

“Husbands really come in handy sometimes!”

On Monday, Kochie assured viewers that Nat was recovering well at home, saying she didn’t have many symptoms at all.

“Nat said she might start on her sock drawer today, she says she’s feeling pretty good, she’s fully vaccinated, had all the four doses and her cough is virtually gone,” he said.

“We wish her a speedy recovery.”

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