Studio 10 star suffers a mishap live on air: 'Can't believe it!'

Studio 10 viewers were shocked when entertainment reporter Craig Bennett’s tooth fell out during the show on Wednesday.

The 59-year-old was updating hosts Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus with the latest celebrity news when he stopped abruptly.

Studio 10 reporter Craig Bennett is wearing a blue and white patterned shirt and touches his tooth while looking at the camera
Studio 10 star Craig Bennett lost his tooth while he was reporting. Photo: Ten

“Hang on, I think my tooth is about to fall out,” he said, stunned.

After assuring the hosts he wasn’t joking, Sarah and Tristan didn’t know how to react.

“Craigie, Craigie, are you okay?” Sarah exclaimed, before Craig pulled out the loose tooth and showed off his new smile.


“What did you do, did you bite into something?” Sarah asked.

“I did, I can’t believe it,” the star replied, breaking out into another toothy grin.

“Not something you see on telly every day is it? Now I’m whistling as I speak. That’s going to be really lovely, isn’t it,” he announced.

Sarah assured him that he looked fine, saying he looked like an ‘adorable chimney sweep’.

In a strange turn of events, Craig actually attempted to put the tooth back in himself, before realising that was never going to happen.

While the entertainment reporter wanted to continue with his report, Sarah put a stop to that and told the star to call his dentist.

“I will,” Craig said. “I knew I shouldn’t have bitten down on that hard rusk for breakfast.”

Explaining that his tooth was wobbly when he started the report, he said he thought he could make it through the morning, until it fell out completely.

Sarah Harris in red pants and a red patterned top is laughing next to Tristan MacManus also laughing, while they sit on the set of Studio 10
Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus couldn't contain their laughter. Photo: Ten

Fans thought the incident was bizarre and praised Craig for how well he handled it.

“This was hilarious! So good! Love how gorgeous he was about it — well done guys,” wrote one viewer.

“You’re so courageous Craig…not many would continue, a true professional at that!” a second chimed in.

“He kept on going as the true professional he is…with a little whistle,” added another.

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