Sunrise's Kochie shocks Nat with rude act live on-air: 'Offended'

Kochie was upset by Nat's cheeky comment.

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch lost composure during Friday morning’s episode after he was brutally mocked by co-host Natalie Barr live on-air. The star is currently in London to cover King Charles’ coronation, and he decided to debut a new look during a live cross.

The 67-year-old looked pleased with himself as he appeared in a Peaky Blinders-styled flat cap, a tan overcoat and bold blue tie. While fill-in host Matt Shirvington said he was ‘looking good’, Nat blurted out an savage insult.

L: Natalie Barr looks shocked on Sunrise. R: David 'Kochie' Koch looks shocked outside Buckingham Palace
Sunrise's Nat Barr was taken aback by Kochie's rude act. Photo: Seven

“Uncle Arthur!” she exclaimed, referring to Glenn Robbins’ iconic Aussie character.

Both Nat and Matt dissolved into laughter, with Kochie becoming visibly shocked by her sledge.

“Get out,” Kochie said, before holding his middle finger up in a rude gesture.


“It just came out!” Nat said defensively, before Matt tried to diffuse the awkward situation.

“Oh, he’s upset, he’s physically upset,” Matt quipped.

Despite Nat taking back her original comment and assuring Kochie the hat looked “beautiful”, he took it off before continuing his report from Buckingham Palace.

L: Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington on Sunrise. R: David 'Kochie' Koch pulling the fingers outside Buckingham Palace
Kochie wasn't happy with Nat's harsh comment. Photo: Seven

“Despite all that, I’ll take it off now. No, no, I’m offended,” he quipped.

Fans found the exchange hilarious, with some sharing their thoughts on social media.

“Stop bullying the poor bloke! He has a bald head and is out in the cold, so of course he needs a hat of some sort,” one person wrote.

“I thought Kochie looked great, unlike me in Sweden wearing knee-high socks. It was an instant attention grabber,” another added.


However, one irate fan wasn’t happy with the way the exchange played out.

“I’m very disappointed in the very immature behaviour of Nat with the rude ridicule of Kochie that went too far. It clearly hurt his feelings that he ‘flipped the bird’ on national TV and removed the hat,” the viewer wrote on Facebook.

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