Karl Stefanovic shocks Today co-hosts with bizarre 'baby brain' comment

The TV host shared a wild theory live on-air.

Karl Stefanovic left his Today co-hosts shocked on Wednesday morning when he made a bizarre comment during a discussion about ‘baby brain’.

Karl and his co-host Sarah Abo were talking about the science behind the phenomenon with medical expert Dr Nick Coatsworth when he brought up a recent segment on Neil Mitchell’s radio show.

Today’s Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo.
Today’s Karl Stefanovic made a bizarre ‘baby brain’ comment during Wednesday morning’s broadcast. Photo: Channel Nine

“The fascinating part of this interview with Neil the other day was that this latest study actually said that when men had their behaviour analysed and also shots of the brain, when they were the majority parent in terms of looking after the kids their testosterone levels actually came down,” he detailed.

This research comes from Northwestern University and the University of San Carlos, who did a study with 600 men and discovered that testosterone levels were lower in men who spent the greatest amount of time caring for their children.

However, Sarah burst into laughter when Karl relayed Neil's theory that this study proves men who look after their children are “emasculated”.


“Sorry, I thought you were having a baby brain moment just then Karl,” she remarked.

Dr Coatsworth also shut Karl down and said he didn’t agree with Neil’s theory.

“I don’t agree with Neil on a few things and that’s another one to the list,” he replied.

When he realised no one else agreed with the comment, Karl quickly looked around the room to see what his other colleagues thought.

“Everyone’s shaking their head!” he remarked. “Come on, it makes sense!”

“I suppose, to some,” Sarah added.


The camera then cut to the breakfast show’s sports presenter Alex Cullen who gave a disapproving look to Karl.

“Oh, you would,” Karl responded. “Happened to you years ago Alex with your twins!”

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