Today viewers confused after the show announces a new logo: 'Awful'

Fans were surprised with the breakfast show's new look.

Today has left viewers confused after they unveiled a brand new logo during Wednesday morning’s show.

The new logo was designed by 26-year-old TikTok star Emily Zugay, who has gone viral for creating hilariously bad logos for major brands such as Tinder, Apple and McDonald’s upon their request.

Today's old logo / Today's new logo designed by TikTok star Emily Zugay.
TikTok star Emily Zugay completely redesigned Today’s logo. Photos: Channel Nine

The content creator replaced the yellow ‘Today’ text with ‘tomorrow’ in orange and added various cartoons of the Sydney Opera House, a kangaroo and Big Ben - as well as a stock image of a boomerang.

Emily, who actually has a degree in Animation & Digital Media, explained her creative process in a hilarious video that aired on TV on Wednesday.


“I’m here to redesign the logo for The Today Show in Australia,” she said. “I know a good logo when I see one. This is not one of those instances.

“I got rid of the name ‘The Today Show’ and changed it to ‘The Tomorrow Show’, because I made this yesterday.”

She went on to say that she added the “City Opera House”, which she drew incorrectly the first time and crossed it out, and the Big Ben because Australia is “known for its architecture”.

“Over here you can see I carefully took time to illustrate a lion,” she added, zooming into a brown stick figure. “Oh it’s a kangaroo, you can tell by its bone structure.

“Last but not least I included a boomerang. I know that these things come in handy when you’re on the Great Barrier Reef and when you’re snorkelling. Enjoy.”

Hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo were in stitches when they watched the video and held up mugs with the design printed on them.

“A boomerang on the Great Barrier Reef, that is funny,” Karl laughed. “I love it. We’re going to adopt this, this is great.

“Welcome to The Tomorrow Show.”

Today's new logo / Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo.
Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo were big fans of the new logo. Photos: Channel Nine

'Quite distressing'

A number of viewers took to social media to express their confusion over the logo, which has since been made the new display picture for the show's Facebook and TikTok profiles.

“I don’t like it it looks awful,” one person said, while another added, “I find that logo quite distressing”.

“Clearly I've missed something,” a third wrote, followed by a different user who said, “Someone needs to tell this woman that Big Ben is in England”.

“This is what happens when you leave a three-year-old unsupervised around Windows Paint,” someone else remarked.

However, a majority of people were in on the joke and called the new logo “a masterpiece”.

“As a graphic designer, I approve,” a fan commented, with another writing, “I love this”.

“Some people don’t have TikTok and it shows,” someone else joked.

Others called the new logo “brilliant”, “classic” and “iconic”.

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