Today's Brooke Boney opens up about egg freezing journey: 'Insurance policy'

Brooke shares that the process is 'empowering' but too expensive for many young women.

The Today Show's Brooke Boney took her fertility into her own hands during Covid lockdowns, with the presenter freezing her eggs after a breakup.

During a segment on egg freezing, Brooke opened up about the process, sharing that she considers it an 'insurance policy'.

The Today Show's Brooke Boney
The Today Show's Brooke Boney has opened up about her egg-freezing journey, describing it as an 'insurance policy'. Photo: Nine

"It's really empowering," Brooke shared on Tuesday morning as a video of her injecting herself during the process began playing. "I was doing it myself and I really, really did not like that process, so I enlisted the help of Ally Langdon, because she was one of the only people I was seeing each day, of course, coming into the Today Show studio."


Egg-freezing sees women injecting themselves with hormones to encourage the ovaries to produce multiple eggs, which are then harvested in a surgical procedure, and viable eggs are then frozen until the woman decides to use them.

If a woman is under the age of 35, she will likely need 14 eggs for an 80 per cent chance of having a baby. A 39-year-old woman would need 33 eggs for the same chance.

It's not a cheap procedure, with retrievals costing anywhere from $7000, and this does not include storage fees.

Brooke Boney injects herself with hormones for egg retrieval
Brooke says the process was 'empowering', however, too expensive for many Australian women. Photo: Nine

Brooke called for more accessibility for women who may choose to go down this route, given it's not a cheap one.

"It's something that you don't think about until you're in your 30s, and then you're like, 'Oh if I'm going to do it, then I should probably look into that as soon as possible!'" Brooke said.

"It's sort of considered like an insurance policy," Sarah Abo said.


"Well, it's not a guarantee," Brooke said. "What it is is an insurance policy against regret, because you don't want to get to 40-something and then go, 'Oh, I should have frozen my eggs when I was 35.'"

"And realise it's too late," Sarah added.

"Good on you, Brookey," Karl Stefanovic said, with the newsreader jokingly responding, "Well, we were in lockdown, there was nothing else to do! May as well!"

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