Today reporter's 'disgusting' act on live TV: 'WTF'

Viewers were disgusted by the reporter's act.

A Today reporter has been lambasted by viewers after she filmed herself partaking in what one person called a "vile act" live on air.

Izabella Staskowski was reporting from Melbourne when she addressed singer Harry Styles' concert in Perth where he did a 'shoey' on stage.

Holding a drink bottle in one hand and a white sneaker in the other, the reporter said: "We thought in honour of Harry and with his inspiration maybe I should do my first ever shoey live on the Today show."

The reporter then poured the contents of the drink bottle into the shoe, adding, "Here goes something really disgusting".

Sarah Abo looks grossed out (right) as Izabella Staskowski drinks from her show (right).
Sarah Abo was disturbed by the Today reporter's act. Source: Channel Nine

The reporter then cringed as she put her mouth to the counter part of the sneaker and began chugging the drink while presenters in the studio cheered her on.

Today co-host Sarah Abo was clearly disgusted as she said, "That is so gross", while Karl Stefanovic congratulated her for her first shoey.


"Magnificent," he said as Sarah expressed distaste at the fact the drink was water.

Izabella confirmed she would have to put the shoe back on while Karl said she wore the same pair while reporting on the floods.

News and entertainment presenter Brooke Boney simply said, "Yuck", while looking disturbed by what had taken place.

"Iza, well done, you're a legend," Karl said in support.

Viewers were equally disgusted by the events that unfolded on Tuesday morning, with many flocking to the comments of a video posted on Today's Facebook page.

"It stops being a celebration and is just a vile act when you shoey water," one claimed.

"Why?" another questioned.

"One of the most ridiculous trends ever," a third added.

"Bloody disgusting," a viewer said while somebody else wrote, "WTF".

Some fans however praised the star for her first shoey.

"Legend," one commented.

"Great viewing," another fan said in support.

"She is real, love her," a third wrote.

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