Today's Karl Stefanovic shuts down co-host's X-rated joke: 'Too much'

The Today host could barely keep it together after Sarah Abo's suggestive comment.

Today host Karl Stefanovic is usually the one losing it over innuendos on the morning show, but he was the one trying to keep it professional on Monday morning.

Supercars legend Dick Johnson was being interviewed on the program as he showed off the Shell V-Power cars being unveiled in 2023.

"Karl you're a big fan of Mr Johnson," sports reporter Alex Cullen said following the interview.

"Just how much do you like Dick, Karl?" Sarah then quipped, leaving the Today host absolutely speechless.

Karl started laughing as he tried to explain he was a "Queensland legend".

"Very well loved by you," Sarah said.

"He's right up there with Allan Border, Wally Lewis ... You wouldn't understand," Karl hit back.

"There's only one Dick, in your eyes anyway," Sarah shot back.

Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo laugh on the Today show.
Karl Stefanovic loses it over Sarah Abo's suggestive comment. Source: Channel Nine

Karl then lost it saying: "Mate, it's Monday morning – it's too much."

It comes after Karl was left in stitches by another risque joke made on the breakfast show just last month.

Karl and Sarah were interviewing a butcher who runs a 24-hour store without staff in Albury in NSW when Karl asked if the store had high levels of theft due to having no staff. Owner Jacob Wolki said it hadn't happened before.


"We've had absolutely zero theft here in almost two years of trading," he said, explaining each customer signs up to become a member and gets a unique code to enter the store.

"You can let yourself in 24/7 and there's cameras under surveillance. And in two years, we've had zero shrinkage," he said, leaving Karl in fits of giggles due to the use of the word 'shrinkage'.

Karl was caught by surprise by the remark and couldn't stop himself from laughing as Sarah quipped, "Zero shrinkage... that's handy."

As she tried to continue the interview, Karl can be heard giggling, with Jacob seemingly having no idea what had set him off.

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