Today's Karl Stefanovic egged by KSI and Logan Paul fans live on-air

The Today show guests drew enormous crowds to North Sydney.

Today show viewers were shocked on Monday morning after host Karl Stefanovic was hit by an egg live on-air. The star, 48, had celebrity YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI on the show, with swarms of fans eagerly awaiting a glimpse of the pair in North Sydney.

Karl and co-host Brooke Boney walked the pair to a balcony to see their fans, but warned them that the crowd below was quite rowdy.

L: KSI, Karl Stefanovic and Logan Paul on the Today show, an egg is flying towards Karl. R: Karl looks shocked after being egged
Karl Stefanovic was shocked when he was egged on the Today show. Photo: Nine

“[Your fans] are so pumped up. All morning they’ve been waiting for you two,” Brooke told the social media stars.

“Since last night, it’s crazy,” Karl interjected. “Just a couple, just got a couple of them,” he quipped.

The moment Logan and KSI walked onto the balcony, the enormous crowd erupted into cheers. Both Karl and Brooke looked overwhelmed by the masses of people lining Denison Street outside the studio.


Karl was asking the YouTubers what it feels like to have such a huge fanbase when a flying egg smacked into the side of his torso.

“Hey! That’s an expensive suit! Come on,” Karl yelled.

The host asked the duo how they handle this level of fame and asked if it was similar in other countries.

KSI, Karl Stefanovic and Logan Paul on the balcony looking at the crowd on the Today show
The YouTubers drew a massive crowd to North Sydney. Photo: Nine

“I don’t think we are able to manage it. I don’t honestly know how we do this…we’re just here to always entertain the people and we appreciate every single one of them,” KSI said.

Fans found the segment entertaining, with one describing the egg incident as “gold”.


“Who threw that egg…lol great aim and Karl had to bring in cover to hide,” another wrote.

“Hahaha who threw the egg!! That’s 100 points,” quipped a third.

“Was funny [to] watch Karl get hit by something. Not the expensive suit. You get paid way too much mate,” another pointed out.

The YouTubers are currently visiting a number of countries to promote their energy drink Prime. After Australia, they are planning to stop in South Africa.

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