Today's Karl Stefanovic in hysterics over X-rated 'shrinkage' joke

Karl and his co-host Sarah Abo were unable to hide their laughter.

The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic was left in hysterics on Tuesday while he and co-host Sarah Abo interviewed a butcher who runs a 24-hour store without staff in Albury, New South Wales. When Karl asked if the store had high levels of theft due to having no staff, owner Jacob Wolki said it hadn't happened before.

"We've had absolutely zero theft here in almost two years of trading," he said, explaining each customer signs up to become a member and gets a unique code to enter the store.

The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo
The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic was left in hysterics while interviewing a butcher live on air after he referenced an X-rated term. Photo: Nine

"You can let yourself in 24/7 and there's cameras under surveillance. And in two years, we've had zero shrinkage," he said, leaving Karl in fits of giggles due to the use of the word 'shrinkage'.

Karl was caught by surprise by the remark and couldn't stop himself from laughing as Sarah quipped, "Zero shrinkage... that's handy."

As she tried to continue the interview, Karl can be heard giggling, with Jacob seemingly having no idea what had set him off.


"I'm getting there as soon as I can!" Karl managed to get out as the interview ended, with Sarah struggling not to laugh.

Karl's 'crisis talks' after Michael Clarke scandal

It comes after reports Karl is holding 'crisis meetings', with a source saying he is "terrified" more footage will be released after the host found himself embroiled in a row between former cricketer Michael Clarke and his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, with video of the fight being released last week.

In the video, Karl and his wife Jasmine Yarbrough, Jade's sister, try to help her leave the intense argument with Michael, where she yells at the cricketer for cheating on her with his ex Pip Edwards.

Jade can be heard yelling at Michael: “You f**ked her on December 17 … You f**ked her, you’re a f**king dog." The cricketer responds: “Baby you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”

Michael can be heard addressing Karl towards the end of the video, saying: "Karlos, don't you f***ing walk away."

Karl Stefanovic and Michael Clarke
The host found himself involved in Michael Clarke's infamous argument with his girlfriend, with footage emerging last week. Photo: Getty

An alleged source has told New Idea the Today host has now called a family meeting in the aftermath of the footage emerging.

“Since that fight video went public, Karl has been rocked to the core. He is terrified that there could be more footage to come,” a source claiming to be a close family friend told the publication.

“Because [wife] Jasmine witnessed the whole ugly showdown, Karl is very glad he has her to lean on. Jas did everything she could to break up the fight, and is standing by Karl as they navigate the damage that’s been done.”


The source said Karl told the family there are to be "no more dramas" as he "cannot afford another crisis like this one".

It comes after Karl landed in hot water after a private phone call with his brother Peter was leaked.

Karl left Today after being axed after 15 years with the network in 2018 after former co-star Lisa Wilkinson quit and the media began focusing on his divorce and subsequent marriage to now-wife Jasmine.

Details of the private conversation between Karl and his brother also made headlines and was believed to have led to his sacking.

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