Americans are discovering the chaos of Karl Stefanovic after viral TikToks

"My man did EVERYTHING he could to keep it together."

Karl Stefanovic may be a well-known face in Australia with his long reign on the Today show, but the TV host is gaining newfound popularity internationally after his more chaotic moments have found their way to TikTok.

Recently, one particular clip went viral online, amassing over 12 million views on TikTok after a young comedian delivered a stellar joke on the Today show that sent Karl falling off his chair laughing.

Since that moment, more chaotic videos have been uploaded that show Karl with his trademark sense of humour losing it at certain innuendos, rogue interviews, accidental slip-ups, or debates with his co-hosts.

Today Karl Stefanovic
Today's Karl Stefanovic has found new international fans with some of his more chaotic moments going viral on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/Nine

'Only on Australian breakfast TV'

Americans have recently discovered the joy that is Karl Stefanovic's antics, with compilations of chaotic Today show moments gaining hundreds and thousands of views.


From accidentally saying "suck us off" instead of "suck up to us" to cat jokes that quickly turn into wild innuendos, and the well-known "long stabby thing" moment that is now part of Australian history, Karl's inability to control his laughter behind the desk has amassed him a legion of new fans.

The compilation videos on TikTok have Americans in particular wishing that their TV show hosts had the same kind of cheeky banter that the Today team (past and present) have brought over the years.


"I wanna live in Australia with cable news to see this at the forefront," one person commented.

"It's always Karl's laughter that gets me," another said.

"It’s Karl he always has his mind in the gutter! It’s awesome," another person commented.

"If laughter makes you live longer, then that guy is going to surpass Moses." another joked.

"My man did EVERYTHING he could to keep it together," another person commented.

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