Today's Sarah Abo leaves Karl Stefanovic in stitches after sausage roll comment

"That's un-Australian!"

Today host Sarah Abo left her co-hosts shocked when she made a controversial comment about one of Australia’s finest delicacies, the humble sausage roll.

In a segment celebrating an Adelaide bakery, Banana Boogie Bakery, which took out the coveted position of best sausage roll in Australia, the Today hosts gently ribbed South Australian reporter, Tom Rehn, for sampling the sausage roll without any tomato sauce on it.

Karl Stefanovic laughing after Sarah Abo's comment about sausage rolls backfired.
Karl Stefanovic was lost for words after Sarah Abo's comment about sausage rolls backfired. Photo: Nine Network

“There’s no sauce on it, Tom, what are you doing?” Today newsreader Brooke Boney exclaimed, before Sarah chimed in.

“Put some chutney on that at least,” she said, leaving Brooke and co-host Karl Stefanovic startled.

“Chutney?!” they both exclaimed.


“Excuse me!” Brooke continued. “I’m going to call the police on you if you keep talking like that. Chutney on a sausage roll?!”

The co-owner of Banana Boogie Bakery, Jason Spencer, also looked stunned by the comment, shaking his head while Tom kept happily munching on his sauce-less sausage roll.

“I’m trying, I’m really trying here, to lift the palates of my co-hosts,” Sarah said in defence of her comment while Karl started hysterically laughing and deemed her comments as “un-Australian”.

“My mind is blown,” Brooke said.

“It will be once you have some chutney on your sausage roll,” Sarah retorted, to Brooke's disgusted look.

Today hosts Karl Stefanovic, Sarah Abo, and Brooke Boney in a heated debate about chutney on sausage rolls.
Brooke Boney was left stunned after Sarah Abo's comment about chutney on a sausage roll backfired. Photo: Nine Network

The Banana Boogie Bakery in Australia credited their pastry for helping them take out the prize of Australia's best sausage roll. They also host other impressive accolades such as state awards for best vanilla slice, best seafood pie, and best gourmet pie.


But back to more pressing things: the burning question now on everyone's lips... to chutney or not?

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