Today's Karl Stefanovic loses it over kid's joke about vegans and vegetarians

The Today host got more than he bargained for with a young Aussie comedian in the making.

Karl Stefanovic is known for enjoying a good laugh on-set of the Today show, but the popular host was left, quite literally, rolling on the floor laughing when an Aussie youngster told a joke on Today with a killer punchline.

In a segment, the young Aussie legend is seen asking Karl and his co-host Sarah Abo a simple question.

"A vegan and a vegetarian are jumping off a cliff to see who will hit the bottom first, who wins?" the kid asks.

"Who?" Karl replied.

Karl Stefanovic the Today show
The young comedian's joke made Karl Stefanovic fall off his chair laughing. Photo: Tiktok/daveordavid3

Without missing a beat, the young comedian answers with a completely deadpan tone. "Society."

The perfect delivery left Karl and Sarah stunned, before Karl burst into loud laughter, falling off his chair.

The clip has now gone viral on TikTok, being shared numerous times across the platform with one video sitting at 12 million views and over 900,000 likes.


Karl's rise on TikTok

A quick search of TikTok sees Karl Stefanovic content is a hit on the app, with numerous vids of the Today host going viral for his inability to keep his composure during jokes, innuendos, and rogue guest appearances.

A compilation video of the Today show's funniest moments is sitting at 800,000 views and counting, with many international users being introduced to the chaos that is Karl Stefanovic.

"I'd watch the news here in America if it was like this," one person said.

"Second time [I've] seen Australian news and I can confirm hands down it would be good watching this everyday at breakfast time with a cup of tea," another said.

"The Today show is so unhinged, I love it," another fan commented.

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