Today’s Karl Stefanovic calls out Allison Langdon: ‘Condescending’

Today star Karl Stefanovic called out his co-host Allison Langdon live on-air on Tuesday morning, saying that she sounded “condescending” while talking to the show’s weather presenter, Scherri-Lee Biggs.

Scherri-Lee, a former Miss Universe Australia and Celebrity Apprentice contestant, was reporting from Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island when she got confused and stumbled on her words.

Today’s Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon.
Today’s Karl Stefanovic called out his co-host Allison Langdon for sounding ‘condescending’. Photo: Channel Nine

“Guys, I just want to tell you that it is really lovely because this resort was actually built after I was born,” she said before she began to second guess herself.

“No, before. No, after. I don't know,” she laughed. “My brain is coming back from holiday.”

“If you are going to rub in how young you are, you do want to get that right,” Karl remarked.


Allison then jumped in to try and help Scherri-Lee figure it out by asking her how old she was.

“I am 32, in two weeks,” she replied, confirming that the resort was built before she was born. “Thank you, Ally.”

“Here to help, sweetheart,” Allison responded, which left Karl stunned.

“Gee, that sounded condescending,” he remarked.

“I definitely didn’t mean it to be!” Allison quickly replied.

Today’s Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon laughing.
Karl made a surprising admission on the show last week and burst into tears of laughter. Photo: Channel Nine

Karl’s surprising admission

The incident comes just a few days after Karl made a surprising admission live on the breakfast show and burst into tears of laughter.

To celebrate his birthday, his co-star Brooke Boney presented a throwback photo of Karl at his high school formal.

“That was Nola, g'day Nola!” he said about the woman in the snap, adding, “She only agreed to come on the day of the formal, because I couldn't get a date!”.

“Aw, but why, look, you were so cute back then!” Ally said, followed by Brooke who agreed, “You look like a cute couple”.

“I wasn't really into chicks, you know?” Karl said, not realising how it sounded.

The 48-year-old tried to explain himself and clarify that he was “into sport” instead, but he was laughing too hard.

“I mean, whatever works!” Ally told him through giggles. "Whatever you want!"

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