Today's Karl Stefanovic in tears after surprising on-air admission

Karl Stefanovic was left in tears after making a surprise admission live on-air, with his co-hosts Allison Langdon and Brooke Boney in hysterics.

While discussing Chris Hemsworth's birthday and the formal photo that was shared by one of the star's friends, Brooke revealed she had Karl's formal photo in celebration of his birthday.

Karl Stefanovic
Karl Stefanovic and the Today Show team were in hysterics on Friday when the host made a surprise accidental admission. Photo: Nine

"It's another birthday today, one Karl Stefanovic," Brooke said. "I managed to dig out Karl's formal photo... Look how handsome he is!"

"That was Nola, g'day Nola!" Karl said, adding, "She only agreed to come on the day of the formal, because I couldn't get a date!"


"Aw, but why, look, you were so cute back then!" Ally said.

"You look like a cute couple," Brooke agreed.

"I wasn't really into chicks, you know?" Karl said, not realising how it sounded.

Karl Stefanovic at his school formal
Karl as a teenager at his school formal. Photo: Nine

Ally and Brooke were surprised by the admission, with Karl immediately realising what he'd said.

"What?" Brooke laughed.

Karl attempted to explain himself but was laughing too hard, "I mean... I mean... I was into sport!"

"Oh my God," he managed to add through the laughter.

"I mean, whatever works!" Ally told him. "Whatever you want!"

"No judgement," Brooke added.

"You do love the shot of Chris Hemsworth," Ally joked.

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon
Allison Langdon tried hard to keep it together as Karl lost it. Photo: Nine
Brooke Boney
Brooke assured Karl there was 'no judgement'. Photo: Nine

"I feel like there have been some real revelations at the desk this morning, I hope Jas isn't at home watching," Brooke added of Karl's wife Jasmine Yarbrough.

"She's already texted and she's not that surprised," Ally quipped.

Instagram users found the mistake hilarious with one user writing, "'I wasn’t really into chicks,' you’ve outdone yourself Karlos, happy birthday legend!!"

"Learning some new stuff about you, Karl happy birthday sir," another said.

"Oh Karlos, this was gold this morning! Happy birthday and keep the laughs coming," a third wrote.

"Happy birthday Karl, you make me laugh every morning!" someone else added.

Jasmine also commented on the video, with four laughing emojis.

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