Today's Karl Stefanovic shocks as he STRIPS live on-air

Karl Stefanovic has shocked viewers and Today co-host Allison Langdon as he stripped off during the breakfast program.

He returned to the show on Monday morning after a two-week break, making sure his presence did not go unnoticed.

The host was interviewing lawn bowls champion Aaron 'Disco' Wilson who famously ripped his shirt off while celebrating a win at the Commonwealth Games.

Joking around with the hosts, Aaron said he was happy to rip his gear off again.

Karl Stefanovic strips off his shirt live on-air.
Karl Stefanovic strips on Today on Monday morning. Source: Today

The morning show then took a racy turn as Karl started to slowly strip while Ginuwine's Pony played in the background.

"You go first then I'll go," Karl said.

"Show me yours I'll show you mine," Aaron replied.


Karl then says "go on" as he slowly starts to remove his jacket.

"He's doing it Disco," Ally is heard saying.

Aaron then undoes his jacket and takes it off before Karl takes it one step further.

The host then unknotted his tie and removed it before he slowly started to unbutton his shirt.

"Tell me when it's over," Ally says in shock.

She then claims it's "taking too long" before she screams when Karl rips his shirt open.

Karl then laughs and claps before he high-fives Ally.

Viewers praised the morning TV host on a video Today posted on Instagram with the caption: "Filing this video under 'things I didn't think I would see today'."

"So good to have Karl back," one fan wrote.

"Love Karl," another said.

"We haven't missed you," a third jokingly commented.

It comes after fans were concerned about Karl's recent absence from the breakfast program after Today posted a cryptic photo on its Instagram.

The photo featured presenters Brooke Boney, Tim Davies, Charles Croucher, Allison Langdon, Christine Ahern and Alex Cullen sitting in the Today studio.

While Karl didn't join them on the couch, he was photoshopped into the snap, sitting on the coffee table.

"Squad in studio, don't worry Karl we didn't forget you," the caption said.

Fans were curious as to why Karl had been seemingly absent from Today.

"Where is Karl? Is he coming back on the Today show?" one viewer questioned.

"Where is Karl what happened to him?" another said.

"Is Karl finished?" a third wondered.

Today's publicist assured Yahoo Lifestyle the star hadn't departed the show for good, saying: "Karl is on annual leave enjoying a much-deserved holiday."

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