Today hosts stunned as reporter strips off live on air: 'Gonna get arrested'

The reporter was more than happy to take his shirt and jacket off.

Today show viewers were left surprised on Thursday morning when 9News Adelaide presenter Tom Rehn stripped live on air as temperatures hit over 40 degrees. The presenter stunned hosts Karl Stefanovic, Sarah Abo and Brooke Boney when he began taking his shirt and jacket off, revealing he was wearing shorts and not his usual suit pants.

"Tom, it's getting hot today," Brooke said as she introduced the journalist, who responded, "It is getting really hot at the moment Brooke, we're up towards 30 degrees already, heading for a top of 41 today. We've already had three days of 35 plus temperatures this week, 41 again tomorrow, so it is getting extremely uncomfortable here in South Australia."

Today show correspondent Tom Rehn strips off
Today show correspondent Tom Rehn has stripped off live on air while reporting from Adelaide, where it is 41 degrees. Photo: Nine

"I can tell it's hot where you are, because your shirt's all askew, it looks like you've already had your jacket off, maybe even your shirt, what else are you going to do to cool down?" Brooke said as Tom started undoing his buttons, adding, "Oh, look out! Oh my god!"

She jokingly added that it was like watching the "Full Monty".


"The Premier has done it here in South Australia, so I am going to do the same - the shirt's coming off for Today," he said, jokingly referring to SA Premier Peter Malinauskas, who was photographed shirtless at a local swimming pool recently.

"The best thing about doing this Brooke is, I have cleared out the square here, no one is doing anything – you know what, when in Rome, when in South Australia, you've got to go shirtless, the Premier has done it, footballers are doing it for their pre-season, so why not me? The result's a little bit different though," he added, poking fun at himself, telling Karl that the new rule would be that if the temperatures soar over 40 degrees all the men on the Today Show need to do it.

Brooke Boney was shocked when he began taking his shirt and jacket off. Photo: Nine
Brooke Boney was shocked when he began taking his shirt and jacket off. Photo: Nine

"Just give us a bit of a dad bod wiggle for us, Tommy," Karl said as Tom began dancing. "That's Magic Tommy!"

"He's gonna get arrested!" the host added.

"The only problem with all this Tom Rehn, is that you've just made Adelaide a little bit hotter, thank you very much," Brooke said.


Tom jokingly asked if anyone had and dignity they'd like to give him, to which Sarah responded, "You don't need dignity!"

"Not on this show!" Karl agreed.

Later in the show Sarah joked that viewers "started their day off with a treat" when Tom stripped off, with his wife even calling into the show saying it "made my day".

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