Today host Allison Langdon abruptly walks off set mid-show

Today host Allison Langdon surprised viewers on Monday morning when she abruptly stood up from the desk and walked off mid-show.

Just over two hours into the broadcast around 7:30am, Ally clapped her hands and turned to her co-host Karl Stefanovic as she announced that she was going home sick.

Today's Karl Stefanovic.
Today’s Allison Langdon walked off the show on Monday morning and left Karl Stefanovic on his own. Photos: Channel Nine

“I’m actually going to take off this morning. I’ve just got a little bit wobbly,” she said, adding that she started to feel “unwell” when she was driving into work but didn’t want to leave Karl “in the lurch”.

“Can I just say, I didn’t notice because you are wobbly a lot on a Monday morning,” her co-host joked, before taking Ally’s hand and admitting he appreciated her efforts.

“I would have stayed home, but it didn’t sort of hit until I got to work. Best for everybody, and have a great show,” she continued, while Karl said, “Don’t worry, the show is in safe hands”.


Ally then rose from her seat and said she’d be watching the show from home and “sending notes”.

“Whatever she’s got, I hope I don’t get,” Karl said as he held up a newspaper to distance himself.

“I did a RAT!” Ally called back, followed by weather presenter Tim Davies who joked that they needed to “get the Glen 20 out”.

Entertainment reporter Brooke Boney ended up sitting next to Karl on the desk for the remainder of the show.

Ally’s sudden exit

Ally’s exit comes shortly after she suddenly vanished from the desk during a broadcast in June, with Karl telling viewers that she wasn’t feeling great and had a “frog in her throat”.

“Welcome back to the show. Man down, man down,” Karl joked while pointing to the empty chair beside him.

“Ally’s unfortunately had to go home, she’s got a very sizeable frog in her throat this morning. She’ll be back on deck tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch also disappeared from the Channel Seven breakfast show in early May, leaving sports reporter Mark Beretta to sit in his chair.

“You may notice something slightly different,” host Nat Barr told viewers at around 6am after returning from an ad break.

“Kochie came in [and] he bravely fought on for about 25 minutes. He had laryngitis yesterday and apparently he’s still got it. He couldn’t really speak.”

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