Today's Karl Stefanovic shares bizarre video with Shaq O'Neal: 'I'm hot'

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Today Show host Karl Stefanovic has delighted fans with a hilarious dance video with the NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

The pair were recreating Shaq's iconic Flashdance routine to the song 'Maniac', which he performed on Lip Sync Battle.

L: Today show Karl Stefanovic wears a navy blue suit and white shirt as he interviews Shaq. R: Shaquille O'Neal spanking Karl Stefanovic's butt
Karl Stefanovic was spanked by Shaquille O'Neal on the Today Show. Photo: Nine

Shaq towering over the host at 2.16 metres made for an odd sight, with Karl seeming tiny in comparison.

Karl shared the video on Instagram with the caption reading: “Happy Friday folks. Bit of Flashdance love with the love Shaq.”

The unlikely duo begin by running on the spot, before Shaq instructs Karl to roll his shoulders backwards.

“Now spin around on the spot, butt out, butt out,” Shaq barks, as Karl wiggles rapidly.


Shaq then spanks Karl on the butt multiple times while coaching the host through the dance.

“That’s great Karl, keep it tight,” Shaq orders.

After their impromptu dance, the pair collapse on the couch feigning exhaustion, with Karl telling Shaq: “I’m hot!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the odd duo’s performance, with many finding it "hilarious".

Two photos of Karl Stefanovic and Shaquille O'Neal dancing on the Today Show
Shaq was coaching Karl to become a better dancer. Photo: Instagram/karlstefanovic_

“Shake it baby,” one quipped, with another saying Karl needed "a lot of help" from Shaq.

“Omg the bum slaps. Slapped by Shaq. I’m f**king dead here,” another wrote.

“Happy Friday feels Karl! This is gold,” a fan chimed in.

“Karl doesn’t flinch! Had that done a few times no doubt!” joked a fan, referencing to the spanking.

“Best thing I’ve seen this week,” another told the host.

Fan frenzy over Karl's throwback snaps

This comes after Karl stunned fans with his 'hot' throwback photos. The 48-year-old took part in the 'Teenage Dirtbag' TikTok trend where you share throwback photos of yourself from your teenage years, usually to make fun of yourself.

The host shared a series of vintage snaps of himself as a teen including one from his school formal, one with long hair, another in a baseball uniform and another where his shirt was unbuttoned most of the way down.

Two throwback photos of Karl Stefanovic as a teenager
His fans fawned over his throwback snaps. Photo: TikTok/thetodayshow

"My teenage dirtbag pictures," the caption read.

"Was not expecting that," one user wrote with a heart eyes emoji.

"Looks like the MAFS shoey guy, Al [Perkins]," another pointed out, while someone else compared him to a young Tom Cruise.

"Damn, Karl was hot!" a third wrote, while a fourth agreed, adding, "My jaw DROPPED."

"BRB, building a time machine," another joked.

"I just spat my coffee out," someone else added.

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